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  1. Are there any current med students at U of C here who can enlighten us on how your class has been affected by the current pandemic? How has the faculty responded? How do you see this affecting future placements/licensing/exams etc. Do we think the new cohort will actually start at the end of June? What options would exist? Hope everyone is staying healthy and doing all the right things.
  2. You should for sure apply, and you should for sure have a back up plan, PhD or otherwise. No one can guarantee you that you'll get in, but you seem to meet the minimum requirement. People need to understand that applying to medical school is not a check box scenario, especially at U of C. They seem to want well rounded people, and that in itself is open to interpretation. And as crappy as it is, there is a subjective component to it. Hundreds of people have GPA's above 3.8 and high MCAT score. That's almost the easy part. What makes you stand out? There is one guarantee though....if you don't apply, you won't get in. Good luck in whatever you do!
  3. 3.7 would be below the average, but as SwitchingGears stated only part of the application. If your CARS is decent and your EC"s are strong, then absolutely throw your hat in.
  4. From Dr. Panaccione on Feb 3 "Good afternoon, All those will be sent a package that outlines the specifics of the MMI day. Broadly, there will be 8 short MMI type stations, 2 longer stations, and one group activity station."
  5. Just looking for some clarification from you kind folk. What is the MMI day format this year? Last year i see there were 7 short stations, 2 longer panel, and 1 group session. I've scoured the site and can't seem to find concrete consistent info (one page on the site is info from 2015/16). https://cumming.ucalgary.ca/mdprogram/future-students/admissions/mmi-information My best guess right now is that this year will be 10 short MMI stations....Thoughts?
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