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  1. Status: Regrets Time Stamp: 7:35pm Location: IP MCAT: 130/126/129/128 - 513 cGPA/wGPA: 3.93/3.97 Current year: Graduated BSc 2019 EC: Pretty diverse with some long term leadership positions. TA for 3 years in 4 different courses, executive on 2 different clubs. RA position, thesis presentation, long term volunteering in healthcare and outside of healthcare. Lots of employment. Essays: I thought they were good, and I got lots of feedback. I guess not though, as I thought every other part of my application was good. Can't say I'm not disappointed. I thought I had a good shot. But I am glad the wait is over! Good luck to everyone who got interviews!
  2. Just got the R. Can't say this wait was easy. I wish this had come 3 months ago, but finally, the wait is over. I'm glad we could all be in this together!
  3. Hahahah what do they know that we don’t?? and if they do, that was a BIG OOPS. All of this is comical at this point
  4. That is too funny! And if we actually do get the R, they’ll think we’ve finally mustered up the balls to tell them LOL
  5. LMFAO so funny you say that. I swear my mom thinks I’m lying and I got rejected and I’m just not telling her. I’ve been trying to blatantly go on my email in front of her on my laptop so she doesn’t think I’m being sketchy. UGH LOL
  6. Damn. I’m sorry you guys good luck with everything in the future, we’re all going to be amazing doctors no matter where we do our education! is anyone else still waiting? I haven’t gotten an e-mail... checked junk and everything! What is going on?
  7. He didn’t happen to say anything about rejections did he?
  8. I wonder when the first big waves of R’s are going to come out? I really hope it’s this week, there’s no need to prolong the suffering
  9. Sigh. Do you think we should be expecting rejections at this point?
  10. I found out today that someone I know got an invite for March 8th on February 28th! Looks like they were still trying to fill those spots up until the last week!
  11. I was hoping the process would happen a little earlier this year, considering the last interview date is March 29th as compared to April 7th last year... today???
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