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  1. Hi, do you know when is the white coat ceremony for this year 2019? any idea?
  2. Is there any wait list candidate who has time stamp earlier than 7:17am. Just wanted to know when they started sending wait list mails?
  3. Congratulation. Very happy for you,. All the very best for your interview.
  4. I think it happened a few years back.don't know exactly which year.
  5. As interview invites/regrets thread has been removed no posting of invite/regret for the past two days
  6. '' Please note that invitations could be sent up to 3 business days prior to the MPI Day '' may be for some waiting will be till April 4th
  7. Admission blog update: March 2019 Our first round of MD/PhD offers has been sent out. Applicants who did not receive an offer to the combined MD/PhD program are still being considered for the MD program. MPI invitations are still being released for our remaining interview dates. Please note that invitations could be sent up to 3 business days prior to the MPI Day (see our interview schedule here). We are unable to share updates regarding an applicant’s status by phone or by email. All admission decisions (invitations and refusals) will be sent by email as soon as a decision has been reached for an applicant file. Our next wave of notifications is expected to be released during the week of March 18th.
  8. @RPN-RN-MD Thank you so much for your reply, I highly appreciate it .that gives me so much hope . Good luck to all the wait list candidate
  9. Do you guys have an idea about which schools/ programs give out offers before the Mac interview, and what other reasons could be there for declining interview offer that too a month in advance just curious as me too waitlisted with 4.0 GPA and just met CARS cutoff.
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