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  1. why would you go to Aus and not just apply again next year? You're clearly competitive for Canada!
  2. Thank you - but if I apply during 4th to uoft how would that work? Don't they look at top 3 years excluding worst year? So wouldn't they need my 4th year mark to calculate weighted gpa? Thank you for the reply
  3. Hi - so does that mean I have no options to apply to this cycle? Would I have to complete 4th (full load) then apply to western + uoft? Thanks.
  4. I'm really confused if I have any options to apply to this upcoming cycle... here are my stats. Entering 4th year of University of Toronto year 1: cGPA 2.6 (not full load) year 2: cGPA 4.0 [90.1%] (not full load) year 3: cGPA 4.0 [94.3%] (full load) Taking the DAT this November using DAT bootcamp... Thank you so much in advance.
  5. Hi - since you're all knowledgable about sask app I wanna ask one quick question. My second year was 4.0 FCE/credit (not full load) but I made up for the full load by taking summer courses. Would this affect the weighted scale for me (e.g., top 3 year calculation). Thank you.
  6. Thanks for the info... also, do you know anything about UofSask? They look at top 2 years but require full load for the first 3 years? Is this actually the case and if so makes me non-competitive for them? It sucks as I meet every single requirement for them except for the full load
  7. Hi, Im in my third year and plan on applying to dental schools. aside from my marks which schools should I apply to on the basis of my completed requisits? I do not want to use my first year average when applying (3.2 cGPA) and want to use years 2, 3 and 4. Did not take full load in year 2 but got a 4.0 cGPA and finished first semester of my third year with a 4.0 cGPA (full load) for UofT application (top 3 years dropping worst year) do I apply in my fourth year? When I do, do they monitor my fourth year grades even when sending out interviews? Im confused on the process, or do I finish fourth year and apply in the gap year? Any help is appreciated, thank you.
  8. Sorry are people here stating their cGPA or OMSAS GPA? Can someone lmk!
  9. @ToothHurty I was recommended an interview coach by a uoft dental student... is this true? I don't consider myself a super charismatic guy who might kill the interview...
  10. I'm not sure which out of province schools are Ontario friendly... sites don't really contain that information... where would you have a good shot at outside of western and uoft? I know Alberta takes in like ~ 1-2 out of province students...
  11. Hello is this average GPA weighted for the worst year being dropped and converted to OSMAS scale? Thank you
  12. Not sure when you apply, when you get called for interview and when they admit students for the start of school... Just not sure on the entire timescale. :/
  13. In 3rd year physiology at UofT. Year 1 cGPA = 2.6 Year 2 cGPA = 4.0 (OSMAS) 3.96 [Not full load, took 4.0 credits due to issues at home with the family therefore not usable for western] Year 3cGPA = currently 4.0 I have shadowing experience with oral and an OMFS surgeon and a general dentist both of which I can get references from. I have community volunteering involvement and want to do research either this summer or 4th year summer (would mean I take a gap year to apply). Even if I got 4.0 for the next 2 years my overall undergrad cGPa would be 3.68 - are there canadian dental schools that will look at the mean GPA over all years of study? Only western and UofT seem to be transparent with what they look at. All feedback is appreciated.
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