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  1. I am very interested in the NMP, though I didn't grow up very rural (~30,000). I am currently living and working rurally (<1,000) and will be for a year, but I'm wondering what the chances of me gaining high enough rural suitability without having grown up rurally. If there is anyone who's been accepted to NMP who didn't grow up rural but gained some rural experience through work or volunteer, I'd love to hear from you.
  2. I have not seen it published that they even view it competitively - have you seen this somewhere? Unless you have seen somewhere that they score it competitively, is equally possible that the higher MCAT scores of accepted applicants than rejected applicants just demonstrates a correlation of MCAT with GPA.
  3. FYI - Admissions confirmed to me that we do put Jan-April grades into OAS.
  4. Hi! I haven't been able to find an answer in the help guide (thought I'm sure it's there) - should I input my Jan-April 2020 grades into the OAS, even though they aren't being considered?
  5. Thanks for your response. Presumably you personally know people who have been placed in the northern site who didn't put it as their first choice?
  6. I'm wondering if anyone has been placed at the northern site who has listed it as their 2nd, 3rd, 4th site of preference?
  7. I believe it won't be released until OAS is opened - I think both are waiting to be released until COVID-related policy changes have been confirmed.
  8. Interesting! While I would personally agree, I'm not sure I've seen adequate evidence (anecdotally anyways) suggesting that UBC truly rates applications this way. Do you have personal experience of this?
  9. Hi! I know UBC says that they look for the same qualities in work experience that they do with volunteer experience. I'm wondering if anyone has any input or evidence on whether it really is valued as highly as volunteer experience, provided you do have at least some of each? E.g. has anyone gotten in with limited volunteer experience but highly involved and responsible roles in paid positions?
  10. Thanks for the info! Have you had to do this? I'm wondering if it's typical for the outcome of the WES to be quite similar to/same as the grades given by the international university in the first place? Is there reason to suggest that the WES eval is likely to either decrease or increase the original grades received?
  11. Hi! I have some class credits from an international exchange. These credits are just a "pass" on my UVic transcript, though I do have access to the transcript from the international university as well, which contains actual letter grades. Does anyone know how UBC will use these credits/grades in my GPA calculation?
  12. Oh really! I was under the impression that there was certain rural training/opportunities only available to the "rural-seat students" - though, now that I think about it, that may have just been my assumption rather than having actually read that. Hmmm..
  13. A little off topic but similar train of thought that I think some of you may have insight on: I haven't applied yet, but when I do, I'm really interested in a rural seat - anywhere. If I had my first choice, it would be a rural seat in the IMP, however, I know there are only 2 seats there compared to 32 in the NMP and I would prefer a rural seat in the NMP than a non-rural seat in IMP. So... if somebody is more interested in a rural seat than being at their primary choice of location, would it improve the chances of getting a rural seat if they selected NMP as their first choice of campus?
  14. Oh, amazing!! Congrats, and thanks for the info! So you only had one semester with 5 courses? Did you have any particular reasons to have only taken 4 (e.g working significant # of hours or varsity sport)?
  15. Hey Flarin, Thanks for the response!! Have you applied and/or been accepted into UBC med? Is that your goal?
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