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  1. I respectively disagree with the above comments about low GPA and MCAT score. There are many IP applicants that get interviews and are accepted to the U of A with lower scores. Med schools are moving away from prioritizing these scores in an application because it doesn’t reflect on whether someone will be a good clinician. If you want to go back for a masters that’s awesome! Maybe also try focusing on improving your ECs over the summer? Ultimately they are looking for well rounded people. And definitely apply again next year!
  2. For those that haven’t had verifiers contacted, did you ask each verifier individually? I didn’t think any of mine were contacted and I just asked a couple and at least one was contacted. Just a thought!
  3. Status: Invite Time Stamp: 3:32 PM GPA: 3.93 MCAT: 508 Location: IP ECs: 5+ years working full-time in healthcare field, volunteer with Big Brothers Big Sisters, CASA, and at the hospital. Learning a second language. Lots of travel. No research.
  4. Most of the interviewers work in healthcare and know that a tattoo doesn’t define a person. Don’t sweat it! As long as you dress like a professional and present yourself well, they couldn’t care less.
  5. Anyone up for prep 7, 8, or 9th? What’s everyone’s schedule like?
  6. I’ll be down in Calgary Feb 7,8,9 if you are around
  7. Okay, so if people want to private message me I can add them to the Facebook group
  8. Is a private Facebook group easier to form a group chat? I don’t mind starting one if other people are interested.
  9. Are people still interested in group MMI prep in Edmonton?
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