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  1. Hello all! I am a first year medical student studying at a university in Ontario. I received interview offers for Western, Ottawa, and McMaster, and I was successful in all interviews. I received an offer of admission to all schools during the first round of offers. I will work one-on-one and give personalized feedback on your interview skills. I can help you prepare for both MMIs and traditional interview, and give very specific tips on the different medical school interviews. Location: Skype/google hangouts Feel free to message me if you have any questions!
  2. Hey! I'm looking for someone who is able to do some MMI prep in person at McMaster or online.
  3. I had a general question about UWO medicine interviews. How are they structured? I know it's a panel, so are they very focused on traditional style interview questions or ethics/scenario based questions. As well, what exactly does the written portion entail? How much would you recommend preparing for this portion and how would you do so?
  4. Hey! I'm also looking for someone to prep Mac interviews with!
  5. Yes I would like to do some prep for Ottawa (at McMaster University)
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