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  1. Semi-random question: do associates not get paid vacation since they're paid via commission?
  2. Could you go into how it's changed in a little more detail? Is it just people working longer hours?
  3. For the "it's comparatively easier to get to where you are" part, I heard with all the competition, even finding associate positions is difficult. Is that just a normal "every field is saturated nowadays" thing, or is it bad enough to reconsider going to dental school?
  4. If you don't mind my asking, do you find that to be a difficult lifestyle to maintain? If something came up that required you to change your hours to be more available in the evenings (childcare for example), how easy would it be to switch? Or does that also depend on the clinic haha
  5. Is the norm for associates working evenings something like 9AM-8PM mon-fri vs a 9-5 or do they just work fewer days to offset the longer hours each weekday? Although I suppose it probably depends on the practice.
  6. Thanks for your reply! Just a question - do you think clinics/dentists will start preferring dentists working longer hour days in order to be competitive in this crazy market? (E.g. be open outside normal work hours)
  7. I graduated a few years ago and am considering applying this cycle - however I'm concerned my GPA is too low. I have a 3.85 wGPA for UofT, 3.82ish GPA for Western and a 3.72 GPA for Mac. Is it too low to bother applying? I have yet to do the MCAT but I think I could do alright for CARS/CASPer. For ECs, I did long term volunteering throughout university for a few different programs (president for one of the volunteering clubs), a summer volunteering abroad, and a few hundred hours working and doing clinical research. If anyone can tell me if I even have a shot, that would be great! Thanks!
  8. Do you know if it's better to pile long hours onto fewer days, or spread them out and work more days? Or is it just one's personal preference?
  9. Does anyone know what the average hours dentists are pulling nowadays? Of course it is a personal decision depending on many factors, but I was wondering what most people find to be the sweet spot to prevent burnout/hurting your body. Thanks!
  10. Considering how the associateship market seems to be getting worse, isn't it possible that even Canadian graduates could have some trouble paying off their student loans?
  11. Thanks for replying! Would either of you say that the pain associated with dentistry would've given you pause about going into the field, had you known earlier? Like McMaurader said, any repetitive job is bound to cause some damage (for example carpal tunnel in office workers) but in your opinion, do think dentists experience anything egregious?
  12. I've heard a lot on these forums that being a dentist can be physically demanding (mostly for your hands, neck, and spine) but I was hoping for maybe a bit more elaboration on that. For example, does it impede your quality of life as you get older? Does that put a limit on how long dentists are able to practice? The dentists I shadowed didn't really seem comfortable with me asking questions that were that personal so I didn't know where else to ask.
  13. Would that be a change for this year? Because the line about all parts (minus manual dexterity) of the DAT being used was there last year as well. I got a 17 for PAT and was invited to an interview last year so I doubt it was used as a cut-off. Or if it was, the cut-off must have been fairly low so I wouldn't see the point in having it.
  14. I was looking at the range of averages accepted at UWO since the ABS was introduced and it looks like in general, the lowest averages are around 83-84. I was just wondering if anyone knows if those people have graduate degrees since they get bonus points in their applications. I also have an average around the mid-80s so is it a longshot for me to get accepted with just an undergrad degree (assuming my DAT, ABS, and interview are fine)? I know it's hard to give a concrete answer, but any insight would greatly be appreciated!
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