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  1. Hello, So it has been a year since I last posted my query, but thankfully I have been practicing in Ontario as an internist now. Basically for pathway 4 you need to have a supervisor to even get your license, which actually means you should have signed up a job which is ready to wait for 4-5 months for you to join, as licensing process for pathway 4 can take this much time easily. After you have found a supervisor, rest of the process is pretty self explanatory from the CPSO form on their website for pathway 4.
  2. Hello, I am an IMG and last year completed my Internal Medicine training from US and now American Board of IM certified. Due to personal reasons I have to move to Canada and currently hold Permanent Resident status and residing in Ontario. I am eligible for Pathway 4 but at this point don’t know where to start the whole process, should I look for jobs first that provide supervision or start with restricted licensing? Totally clueless about system here. Would be really grateful if anyone can help. Thank you.
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