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  1. Did you email them? They were very prompt in accommodating me
  2. Now that virtual interviews are under way, how did everyone feel? Just finished my interview. My god it was such a clusterf*ck. So many technical run-ins, so many awkwardness in the recording. Ugh.... I hope they consider these factors in our evaluation.
  3. Having 15 minutes to record a 5 minute answer and upload just doesn't make sense given the specs of my computer
  4. You will receive an email with Question 1 You will be asked to record a 5-minute response to each question Following your recording, you will have approximately 15 minutes to save and upload your recording via the secure weblink included in the email By the wording of the email, the email contains the question as well as the link. We have 15 minutes after opening the link I assume.
  5. Man are we really trusting toxic premeds to answer the questions individually. Is anyone even going to prepare for this interview? We have 4 hours to come up with answers... Are we going to be marked more harshly to account for the discrepancy in performance between in-person interviewees?
  6. Just get rid of the interview altogether, simple. But in all honesty, it doesn't make sense to pose the question inside the 15 minute link because my computer is hella slow in producing ANY form of video. Especially if it is a 5 minute long video, oh my god LOL it's gonna take 15 minutes at least to PRODUCE.
  7. Man I could make an entire speech in the 4 hours they give us LOL. I don't know how this will work honestly but I think you have to answer all 4 questions within the 9-1 timeframe. In the email it says: "Following your recording, you will have approximately 15 minutes to save and upload your recording via the secure weblink included in the email". Does this mean that we have 15 minutes to upload once we click it? So I could pretty much take 1 hour to answer each question. LOL
  8. Just received the email. They will give us four questions in four separate emails and we have to use our own technology to upload the videos to UofT ShareFile. I wonder how they will stop people from taking multiple attempts. EDIT: There's a 15 minute time limit for each question and they said there won't be enough time to "redo your answers". Hmmm... does the timer begin once you click the email? Or do they mean when you click the upload link...
  9. Didn't hear anything back as well, not even the time when we are supposed to have the interview. They just told me to be ready for the "first half"...
  10. Ohh so all questions are "scenario" based (aka video questions)?
  11. But it says you record them and then uploar them to UofT. I feel like this meahs you can take many tries lol
  12. By uploading to UofT after you answer them, how do we have a time limit? They said it is not live, so we get 2.5 hours to answer 4 questions?
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