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  1. I don't know if this is a very silly question but is it possible to get mortgage (with LOC) as a medical student?
  2. Oh really? I recall vaguely hearing that the rule is mutually exclusive... I never confirmed with Admissions, so I guess I'm wrong. Thanks for correcting me! Also Tess, if you are worried about the online course, just know that some universities don't indicate how the course is delivered in the transcript. Inquire your school about this and you should be able to get some closure.
  3. Agreed with Mel. I only did the official sample test right before my exam, and that alone was sufficient for McMaster and Ottawa. CASPer is a Situational Judgement Test, and I feel that doing rigorous practice actually does a disservice to your on-the-spot thinking abilities. Remember that the raters do care about the originality and genuiness in your answers. At most, I would say get a taste of the possible question types and increase your typing speed. Don't make preformed answers, that's just going to make you sound like everyone else who has "prepped" for CASPer.
  4. I submitted my transcript via OMSAS but am yet to hear back about uoZone.
  5. Hey all, since I have a lot of time on my hands now, I was doing some thinking and the topic of medical school admissions system came to mind. Different countries use different systems, and whether we agree with them or not, it has proven to work for (many of) those countries. From where I come from, medical school entry is granted upon the student's ranking in a college entrance exam. Basically, graduating high school students who score very, very high on this exam (like, top 0.1%) get to go directly to medical school without having to go through undergrad, do the usual pre-med things, and complete interviews. The system seems to have worked out for the most part, but I do occasionally hear that doctors cultivated by such a system are regarded more or less as "robots" rather than empathetic caregivers. I do have a bit of hindsight bias considering that I just prevailed through the Canadian admissions process. But personally, I have enjoyed this journey (albeit stressful) and would not trade this long experience for one sitting of an exam that dictates my entire career. My desire for medicine was consolidated by: going through undergrad, persevering through the MCAT, gaining diverse life experiences in the field of healthcare and more, maintaining good social networks that eventually lent it self to good LORs, writing essays that helped me to organize my thoughts and goals, and preparing for interviews which really taught me that a doctor is more than just a "mechanic for diseases". So, what do other medical students think? If you could go back, would you be willing to go through the Canadian process again? I would also love to hear from international graduates who went through the direct entry route. I can definitely see the pros and cons of both systems. Personally, I prefer the Canadian process.
  6. Purple = Baby blue > Burgundy >>>>>>>>>>> Orange > Piss yellow
  7. I emailed CPRM but didn't receive a reply. Still applied online for VSC tho
  8. Who did you email to confirm deposit? I tried ADMISSMD but they aren't replying
  9. I sent an email too on a weekday, but I haven't gotten a response except for the Congratulatory email from Diane T.T
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