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  1. Weird... When I click on SIM, which should be on Tuesdays from 1030-1230, you see that SIM classes are scattered throughout the week, sometimes on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Is the schedule not final?
  2. On the Class Schedule, it seems that the PSD course (MED 13021 or smth) takes place 4 times in the fall. And I agree, it would be a fat L if suddenly they decided that Winter2021 would be in-person on a short notice. We would have to arrange half-year leases and stuff...Also, I guess SIM is for the second semester then? I also have no idea about O-week. Judging by what the ASS president said, it's probably online right? Definitely agree. Hmm, the Class Schedule denotes Foundations and Unit 1 courses as "hybrid"... I would assume that the big lectures are virtual while anatomy sessions/CBL sessions were tentatively in-person (before the update took place). In any case, this is a stressful time for everyone for sure.
  3. Hey there fellow MD2024's, The August 4th update on UGME website shows that CBL may all be online (link: https://med.uottawa.ca/undergraduate/updates-regarding-covid-19-ugme-program-activities). Since lectures would be online (I hope so since it would be a very massive gathering), and as someone coming from far away, it does not make sense for me to pay monthly rent simply to attend mandatory PSD sessions a few times a semester (and by that I mean 4 times in the Fall). AFAIK, mandatory in-person activities at uOttawa are: SIM, CBL, and PSD. I would save more money and be closer to my family by flying to Ottawa only for the PSD. Anyone on a similiar boat? Does anyone when SIM takes place, and whether it is virtual or in-person? I am seriously considering requesting a deferral... I wished they consolidated the curricular changes earlier on like Uoft and McMaster.
  4. Did you guys all do BLS Part 2? I didn't do it yet, could that be why? I know we are allowed to complete that after the deadline.
  5. And why would you say that? You would still be the first author no? In no way would this affect your application.
  6. Didn't she say we would be registered mid to late July?
  7. I am meeting with an advisor in my home town. Do I just call Kyu Tompkins out of my own accord or should I ask for a referral?
  8. Thank you so much! Did you meet with an advisor in your home town or in Ottawa?
  9. Ohh so I can still set up a LOC, just not access it? What if I need the fund before August?
  10. I am meeting with a Scotia advisor tomorrow to open up a LOC, who asked me to bring a proof of registration/enrollment. I will be attending uOttawa, but they did not give me an "official" registration letter other than the congratulatory email and the list of things I should get done. Anyone know what to bring to the bank?
  11. Hey everyone, I am an incoming MS1 at uOttawa. I am looking to live alone in an apartment, preferably at one of these two locations: RGN or downtown. Are there any bachelors apartments that medical students have lived previously in? We are not to get a housing list until the COVID19 situation is cleared so we need to hunt for places on our own. Thanks in advance!
  12. Anyone know when we get our uoZone email? I did my undergrad at a different uni
  13. I don't know if this is a very silly question but is it possible to get mortgage (with LOC) as a medical student?
  14. Oh really? I recall vaguely hearing that the rule is mutually exclusive... I never confirmed with Admissions, so I guess I'm wrong. Thanks for correcting me! Also Tess, if you are worried about the online course, just know that some universities don't indicate how the course is delivered in the transcript. Inquire your school about this and you should be able to get some closure.
  15. Agreed with Mel. I only did the official sample test right before my exam, and that alone was sufficient for McMaster and Ottawa. CASPer is a Situational Judgement Test, and I feel that doing rigorous practice actually does a disservice to your on-the-spot thinking abilities. Remember that the raters do care about the originality and genuiness in your answers. At most, I would say get a taste of the possible question types and increase your typing speed. Don't make preformed answers, that's just going to make you sound like everyone else who has "prepped" for CASPer.
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