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    SnowmanTheSWOMEN reacted to DrOtter in Registration for MD2024 Class   
    BTW Y'ALL ->>>>>> Elantra (where most of our course-related stuff are located) works with our uOzone login. I just logged in and get a detailed class schedule for the upcoming term now.
    You can find it here! https://elentra.med.uottawa.ca/
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    SnowmanTheSWOMEN reacted to FocacciaBread in Update on the "hybrid" curriculum   
    Even with confirming that we met the acceptance conditions to sign a lease was delayed a ridiculous amount of time.
    I really hope that if the lectures are online and the curriculum they decide on, to just keep it consistent for at least 1 semester. 
    I believe lectures are always posted online anyways so I don't understand why having 100+ students in one room might happen but regardless I think we will have the option to choose!
    Anyways, I hope we hear back soon with a solid plan!
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    SnowmanTheSWOMEN reacted to MedSchoolHope101 in Update on the "hybrid" curriculum   
    Anyone else interested in filing a class action lawsuit for emotional distress and financial loss? 
    On a more serious note, I am also dissapointed at the way the university has handled things. I think that, at this point, it would be best if they had optional in-person activities regularly and they scheduled (in advance) a few mandatory sessions for the entire 2020-2021 academic year. While I understand that the adminitration is trying to do their best and this situaton must be frustrating for them as well, it is important to consider that it may not be in the best interest of students to move to a different city where they do not have a support system and pay rent on top of that when we are still not sure how many in-person activities will be able to take place. 
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    SnowmanTheSWOMEN reacted to UwoToUo in Update on the "hybrid" curriculum   
    That's really disappointing, the CBL bubbles would've made it at least justifiable bc the mandatory portion was biweekly. True, if there's only one thing in person then school is virtually online (lol). But given Ottawas track record, what happens if second semester has more in person components and they tell us 1-2 weeks before. Not that moving to ottawa only to have 4 in person things the first 4 months isn't a fat L lol. If only mandatory PSD, it is doable to fly just for that. I guess if you get sick and airport bans you for 14-21 days, doctors note saves you and they advise you to quarantine anyways. Where did you find out PSD is only 4 times in the fall? If I can stay home I probably would too and try to get out of my lease or just adjust the period I'm renting for if thats even possible. 
    Btw SIM started after Jan last year according to the survival guide pdf, no idea if it's going to be virtual though.
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    SnowmanTheSWOMEN reacted to dopamineislife in Update on the "hybrid" curriculum   
    I am also considering flying or driving down for what seems to be the few in-person components. While I am very grateful for the opportunity to start med school, I find it upsetting that we received registration late and still have to receive information on how the school year will proceed. There’s very little time to plan things - Eg find housing. Also when do we find out about o-week? 
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    SnowmanTheSWOMEN reacted to petitmonstre111 in Update on the "hybrid" curriculum   
    Sort of in the same boat. If I can get away with flying a few times to Ottawa, I’ll definitely consider it. Definitely getting more and more impatient over here...
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    SnowmanTheSWOMEN reacted to worst24hours in Update on the "hybrid" curriculum   
    I think judging by the schedule posted online and the update on that link, lectures are in person right now (ofc, subject to change)
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    SnowmanTheSWOMEN got a reaction from petitmonstre111 in Update on the "hybrid" curriculum   
    Hey there fellow MD2024's, 
    The August 4th update on UGME website shows that CBL may all be online (link: https://med.uottawa.ca/undergraduate/updates-regarding-covid-19-ugme-program-activities). Since lectures would be online (I hope so since it would be a very massive gathering), and as someone coming from far away, it does not make sense for me to pay monthly rent simply to attend mandatory PSD sessions a few times a semester (and by that I mean 4 times in the Fall). AFAIK, mandatory in-person activities at uOttawa are: SIM, CBL, and PSD.
    I would save more money and be closer to my family by flying to Ottawa only for the PSD. Anyone on a similiar boat?
    Does anyone when SIM takes place, and whether it is virtual or in-person? 
    I am seriously considering requesting a deferral... I wished they consolidated the curricular changes earlier on like Uoft and McMaster.
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    SnowmanTheSWOMEN reacted to DrOtter in Registration for MD2024 Class   
    Diane got back to me saying that the registration email should come a week from this Friday y'all 
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    SnowmanTheSWOMEN got a reaction from DrOtter in Lines of Credit for Medical Students (Scotia is the best option)   
    Haven't gotten it either :/
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    SnowmanTheSWOMEN got a reaction from deedee908 in Registration for MD2024 Class   
    Didn't she say we would be registered mid to late July?
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    SnowmanTheSWOMEN got a reaction from bruh in Spending LOC on fun   
    i want a tesla
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    SnowmanTheSWOMEN got a reaction from DrOtter in Spending LOC on fun   
    i want a tesla
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    SnowmanTheSWOMEN reacted to popfossa in Proof of enrollment for LOC   
    You can email him! I just emailed him randomly and he set up a phone interview with him and took time to answer any questions and explain the LOC basics with Scotiabank. 
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    SnowmanTheSWOMEN reacted to petmegoat in Proof of enrollment for LOC   
    Not a uOttawa student personally but Queen's Admissions was able to provide me with a letter outlining my anticipated enrolment/graduation timeline. That was enough for my Scotia advisor to give me access to my LOC
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    SnowmanTheSWOMEN reacted to UwoToUo in Proof of enrollment for LOC   
    Hey Im in your class and I met with a scotia advisor last week, so I'll tell you what you can expect. Your advisor will not need the proof of enrolment yet, but bring your letter of acceptance, and they will go over the LOC in detail at this stage. You can get the paperwork in to get the LOC approved at this stage, and that takes like 1-2 weeks. Proof of enrolment is needed after to access funds like others are saying but you can still meet with a representative and it doesnt impact your initial meeting at all. My advisor went over 4 different ways to confirm enrolment, including signing into your school account and showing him something that says you're in the program or paying for the tuition with your advisor present. So there are workarounds when we get our uOzone accounts which I think would be before August.
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    SnowmanTheSWOMEN got a reaction from indefatigable in Make one or more sentences, questionsusing the letters of last word to begin each wor   
    You are winning nothing; I never give.
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    SnowmanTheSWOMEN reacted to Bambi in Make one or more sentences, questionsusing the letters of last word to begin each wor   
    Every nuance taken has understandable significance I admit, seems tonight I can admire lovely Lily yawning.
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    SnowmanTheSWOMEN reacted to BingBop in Bachelor suite/1 bedroom apartment   
    Hey, I have spent the past two weeks looking for single apartments in Ottawa. I can tell you now that it's difficult to find a place that seems decent but is also fair-priced, so some input from current students would be really helpful. I am trying to find a building that has parking, which makes it even more difficult and has limited my search quite a bit, so perhaps my experiences won't be reflective of yours. 
    If you're willing to settle on a bachelor, you will open your options up a lot more, but a fair warning that the bachelor apartments are tiny (think like 300-400 sq ft). Your best bet is to look at the major listing websites (Padmapper, Rentcafe, etc) along with Kijiji. Kijiji is useful for finding smaller buildings that aren't listed on the larger sites. 
    Near RGN there are a bunch of apartments on Riverside Drive, about $1300-1400 for a single if I remember correctly. Unfortunately, if you look around online, there are tons of people complaining about bed bug and cockroach infestations. I might sound snobby here, but with the stress of medical school, I'm doing my best to avoid having to live with bugs. There are several apartments in Elmvale that look quite nice and probably have the best ratio of 'luxury':price that I've found among the larger apartment buildings. 
    Downtown, things get pretty expensive. There are a group of apartments near the uOttawa main campus (Lees Avenue), decently priced but again lots of bad reviews and complaints of bugs online. Past that point as you move further downtown, prices seem to sky rocket pretty high. For single apartments you're looking at like $1500-1600 at the minimum. Bachelors I wasn't really paying attention to, but probably around $1300. If you have a car, parking downtown can cost $200/mo in some buildings, it's ridiculous. 
    If you're open to living in a partitioned house, I saw several around the Glebe for not too expensive. No air conditioning unfortunately though, and the places certainly aren't luxurious (old buildings), but you're in a great location. 
    If you aren't picky, it will probably be pretty easy to find a place. For example, here's the first listing that just popped up for what looks like a really nice bachelor's apartment in Sandy Hill for $1150-$1400 a month: https://www.padmapper.com/buildings/p353790/sandy-hill-apartments-353-friel-st-at-353-friel-st-ottawa-on-k1n-7w7#back=%2Fapartments%2Fottawa-on
    If anyone has any suggestions, please please please let us know!
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    SnowmanTheSWOMEN got a reaction from Dr. Shqipe in Bachelor suite/1 bedroom apartment   
    Hey everyone, I am an incoming MS1 at uOttawa. I am looking to live alone in an apartment, preferably at one of these two locations: RGN or downtown. Are there any bachelors apartments that medical students have lived previously in? We are not to get a housing list until the COVID19 situation is cleared so we need to hunt for places on our own. Thanks in advance!
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    SnowmanTheSWOMEN reacted to bruh in Would it be okay to start practicing sutures before school starts?   
    I think it’s because we are little fluffy bunnies to the upper years. They see these topics and they think “aw, that’s cute, they wanna play with a suturing kit and make little knots, they have no idea what clerkship’s got in store for then” 
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    SnowmanTheSWOMEN reacted to ZBL in Would it be okay to start practicing sutures before school starts?   
    Suture practice isn’t suture practice until you have a surgeon and a fellow staring you down as you fumble through closing skin for the first time. So I wouldn’t bother for now. 
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    SnowmanTheSWOMEN reacted to DocBrown9 in First year schedule/what to expect?   
    I'm gonna preface this by saying it's all pre pandemic.
    Mon: lectures 830 to 1230 (optional)
    Tuesday: case based learning and social medicine (mandatory) 830 to 1230
    Wednesday: lectures 830 to 1230 (optional)
    Thursday: anatomy/histology/radiology 830 to 1230 (only anatomy was mandatory if you wanted the 2% bonus from doing the prelab quizzes) 
    Clinical skills 130 to 430 (mandatory) 
    Friday Case based learning (mandatory) 830 to 1130
    Integrative lecture (1130 to 1230)
    Random sessions of mindfulness throughout the curriculum. There's also a family med placement which you do second semester (4 half days with a family doc) and volunteering which is also done second semester. 
    As you can see there's tons of free time to use however you see fit. Some people studied, others didnt. Makes no difference, majority of people matched to what they want anyway. 
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    SnowmanTheSWOMEN got a reaction from DrOtter in Lines of Credit for Medical Students (Scotia is the best option)   
    I don't know if this is a very silly question but is it possible to get mortgage (with LOC) as a medical student? 
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    SnowmanTheSWOMEN got a reaction from DrOtter in 2020 Waitlist Thread   
    Congrats y'all!
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