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  1. @inordinate I spoke with UofC Admissions this morning and they said decisions will probably be sent out first week of May. UofA said that it'll be early to mid May. Of course, they could (and hopefully will) come out before then, but just so you know! On a side note, can someone help me out with my predicament lol? I'll be out of the country all of May with limited access to my cellphone. I'll be checking my email periodically, but I'm concerned with how I can accept the offer (if I get one). I heard UofA needs you to send in your acceptance through mail with a police background check, etc. Is there truth to that? I find it off that it's not done electronically. If anyone can shed some light on what goes into accepting an offer and what documents are needed, I would really appreciate it! I also applied to Uofc. Thanks guys and good luck!
  2. I called. They said won’t be today... :/ and that “they’ll come out before the end of the month” good luck everybody
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