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  1. I believe this cap is now official. They don't have all the details (like how it will be enforced). Im curious to know peoples strategies for elective planning.
  2. I guess I didn't think this through very much. Thanks for all the advice guys.
  3. Are you referring to the school I got to? I am at UBC medicine. However I am looking to travel to other provinces for the observership.
  4. I am looking to do an observership as a medical student in Canada. I am willing to travel, but would prefer to stay in Canada. I thought about e-mailing departments across Canada and asking if they could accommodate me for a week or so. What do you guys think about that? Any suggestions/recommendations as to whom I can contact to set something up (in Canada or abroad), Thanks.
  5. I went through multiple appeals and exhausted all my options with no avail. I requested from the UGME if I could get some sort of letter to explain the situation, or at least just state the facts. Again, I was denied. What type of verification could I provide programs? should I provide verification with my application? I really am not sure the best way to approach this.
  6. I should clarify one thing. The official reason I had to repeat is academic difficulty. However, it is not that simple. I missed 3 weeks during our last module due to an injury and was unable to catch up and successfully complete the course. Because this happened too late in the term, withdrawing was not an option. And thus academic difficulty was/will be listed as the reason on my deans letter. Does this change anything? Thank you all for the responses and suggestions. I appreciate the honest criticism.
  7. Thanks for the response. I was considering writing the USMLE as evidence of overcoming my academic blemish. Do you think there is any merit to this? Would writing the USMLE provide any support for my application to a Canadian program? Would my situation still be considered a 'red flag'?
  8. Thank you guys for the feedback. Im curious what you mean by 'impress' or 'wow' during elective. Through shadowing I feel I have gained a lot of valuable experience that I will use during electives. Do you mean impress personality wise, or knowledge wise? Anything you suggest I do to set my self up for success during electives?
  9. The reason I asked this here is to get honest answers, and potentially suggestions as to how I can be competitive. Speaking to senior staff and faculty I find that they are hesitant to be direct with me and I sense they are filling me with false hope. Thanks for your input. I believe I have a good explanation, but I also don't want to come across as making excuses. How would you suggest approaching this issue.
  10. Unfortunately, I have had to repeat a semester in medical school due to academic reasons. I am looking for insight with respect to my expectations for CaRMS and matching. I am currently pursuing a very competitive speciality. I have invested a lot of time and effort, I have participated in research dedicated to this speciality, I am on the executive of the interest club, and I have logged many shadowing hours and continue to do so. I really enjoy this surgical speciality and would love to be able make a career out of it. I am curious to know if anyone has had academic difficulty that shows on their transcript and is willing to share their CaRMS story, or if anyone can shed some light as to how this will effect my chances matching to a competitive surgical speciality. Am I being unrealistic focusing my energy on pursuing this competitive match, or should I double down? Please be as blunt and honest with me as possible, any and all thoughts are valued, thanks.
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