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  1. Rejected as well. I can't tell if I'm happy or sad. Probably a little of both. A little sad because I still worked for Queens. Happy because this school is finally over.
  2. Yep, pretty sure it's just a standard email. I think we're getting the invite/wait list by the end of the week, LOL. At this point, I think I'd rather just get the R and focus on my life.
  3. Same, I've been debating about whether it is even worth it or not to contact them. Has anyone gotten a response from the university about this issue?
  4. Yep, I also wish I took the guaranteed interview next cycle, I think I messed up real bad, LOL.
  5. Because the people at Mac designed CASPer to approximate the MMI, I think it'll likely be 50% CASPer, 25% GPA, and 25% CARS. Or it can be 70% CASPer, 15% GPA, and 15% CARS. I would be more inclined towards the former than the latter.
  6. You should 100% attend the interview because even if you are 99% sure that you want to attend UofT, you'll never be 100% certain unless you've explored all of your options!
  7. Invite GPA (best two years %): 96% DAT: 22 RC, 24 PAT, 23 AA IP/OOP: IP Already accepted UofT, but I want to see what Western has to offer.
  8. Easssyyyy! Just got in!!! 23 AA 24 PAT 4.00 GPA (Let the mark carry) Completed Bachelors and am in a gap year.
  9. Can someone please call! I have another interview in a few hours and I can't focus because I keep refreshing my email for UofT, LOL.
  10. Last I heard during the interview was that it'll come out earliest by Feb 20th, and latest by March 1st.
  11. For those interviewing on the 29th of Feb. Has anyone gotten a confirmation email yet?
  12. Status : Invite (MD) Time: Around 12pm Location: IP MCAT: 517 (127 Cars) GPA: 4.0 Year: Graduated 2019 Ecs: Spent wayy to long crafting perfect entires (PM for details) Best of luck to everyone interviewing this cycle
  13. TIME STAMP: 1:50 pm Interview Date (MD or MD/PhD): February 29th, 2020 (MD) Result: Invite wGPA: Didn't meet wGPA; cGPA: 3.99 MCAT: 517 ECs: Pretty diverse; PM for details. Essays: Spent SOOO much time on them! Had over 10 friends read over each of the essays!! Year: Graduated (2019) Geography: IP Best of Luck to everyone interviewing this cycle
  14. Invite/Rejection: Invite Time Stamp: 2:08 PM EST Location: IP Stream: English wGPA: 4.00 Current year: Gap Year - Graduated 2019 ECs: Good mix of stuff, PM me for details. Casper: Got me a Mac interview with 127 CARS!
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