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  1. Thank you! They told me they required the deposit by April 5th.
  2. Accepted, IP Felt pretty good about the PBL and MI.
  3. While I'm not exactly sure, just from the website, it appears as though the interview makes up for about 20% of the overall weighting in your score. Although, I'd expect the interview would likely comprise the majority of weighting (post-interview) as opposed to it being evenly distributed with DAT/ GPA.
  4. Does anyone know if they tend to let everyone known on the same day, regardless of the outcome?
  5. I haven't gotten anything yet either. Just have to wait it out, I guess...
  6. How does everyone feel post interview? (discussing no specifics)
  7. I have a feeling they will send them out the last week of March (next week).
  8. Does anyone know if they typically release results at the beginning of the week?
  9. I just received a confirmation receipt email from Kiran.
  10. I am in the same boat, no email reply from Kiran. I wonder if there is additional information sent out January 28th once the due date has passed? Did you happen receive an email confirming the payment by chance? Canada Post is showing they delivered my payment today. Just wondering if I should expect a payment confirmation?
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