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  1. Thank you so much guys!
  2. Thanks a lot really appreciate it
  3. Yes I think I will make some time at night through the semester and have a strict schedule between the semesters. I got the DATbootcamp PAT generator app and it's still free. Thank you so much
  4. Hey guys! I'm taking pre requisite courses next semester and I wanna study for the DAT as well. Is there any good schedule to do so while I'm taking the courses? And do I have to take the all pre requisite courses, the dental schools ask for on their websites, before applying? Thanks in advance!
  5. SirDent77

    Still not prepared for the DAT!

    Thanks for replying Starburst
  6. SirDent77

    Still not prepared for the DAT!

    Yes I think I'll just go and write the test. Thanks a lot.
  7. SirDent77

    Still not prepared for the DAT!

    No, I haven't written the DAT before. Yes that's what I'm mostly worried about if I wrote the test, it maybe risky. Thanks
  8. Hi everyone, I already paid to write the DAT and the test will be at the end of February but I'm not well prepared! there's lots of material I still didn't cover. No refund and no rescheduling!! should I go and write the test or just don't show up? Thanks