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  1. Given the trend from previous years, if the first 'wave' has passed, the second wave of invites/regrets is probably a week out (i.e. next Wed/Thurs) maybe they're holding off on giving OOP invites (i.e. waitlisted or less spots if all IP accept the invite) because of the logistics of switching to an online interview format – they want to make sure they can handle completing synchronous interviews and then completing and actually reviewing any asynchronous components
  2. honestly, same I've been jumping every time I here my phone/laptop ping – which is a lot (I'm an MSc student)
  3. Is it bad that this is the first forum I check everyday and I'm OOP with (most likely) little prospect
  4. Is it possible everyone OOP who got invites are just not on this thread what are the chances
  5. I did I was wondering what your stats are? did you by any chance submit by the early deadline?
  6. a little weird we've heard of IP invites and rejects as well as OOP rejects, but no OOP invites
  7. No, I don't think so From last year, it seems like invites can continue to trickle in up to a week after the initial invites are sent out Don't lose hope!
  8. Just checked out last year's thread It seems OOP gets interview invites the day after IP So here's to hoping its tomorrow
  9. I wonder if we'll hear back today at all, considering their time to tell us is the 21st-30th, so it could be next week (hopefully not though)
  10. I feel like the MMI interview will likely be one way because its really hard to judge interpersonal skills, non-verbal communication, etc., through a screen Who knows though
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