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    5th year + masters OR second degree?

    Wow that thread was filled with all kinds of good feels!!! Thanks for sharing
  2. Heart2HardWork

    5th year + masters OR second degree?

    based on this thread looks like doing a second degree really only opens up Ottawa on top of Western and Queens if I want to stay in Ontario (UofT and Mac look at first degree grades) I guess I'm going with option 1
  3. I am determined to attend medical school in Canada. Would love any advice regarding the few options I have Currently studying for the MCAT and going into the fourth year of my honours Science undergrad- 1st year GPA 3.21 (technically 4.5 course load, including my initial grade and my improved grade for my 1 repeated course) 2nd year GPA 3.44 3rd year GPA 3.63 I'm assuming these are my options (based on years of obsessive research on forums lmao): 1) Do a 5th year. Attain 3.8+ in year 4 & 5. Apply to Western in my 5th year. If unsuccessful, complete a master's program. Apply again to Western and Queen's (perhaps Ottawa?) Any other schools I would have a chance at? 2) Do a second undergraduate degree and open up doors to other schools. Could do this after completing my degree in four years or after doing the additional 5th year. I am studying hard for the MCAT and would say I have unique ECs. I appreciate any honest insight (optimistic/pessimistic). Thank you in advance!
  4. Has anyone come across this article yet (published a few months ago)? https://westerngazette.ca/news/new-competency-based-medical-education-leaves-traditional-grading-behind/article_8df659dc-fdc6-11e8-87a9-df194626a239.html#tncms-source=infinity-scroll-summary-sticky-siderail-latest I wonder if this shift in their curriculum has anything to do with the new admission criteria.. interesting!