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  1. Hey everyone. I am interested in going into family medicine and I was wondering what are some of the best ways to earn a high income as a family doctor? For example, I know a family doctor who works at a cannabis clinic who sees 36 patients an hour! She has 6 "assistants" who do most of the work for her and she spends about 1-2 minutes with each patient (basically says the same thing to all patients). Overhead is significantly higher though but still. Now although I know this is insanely lucrative, I personally would not like to do it as I don't believe in cannabis as a medication. Does anybody know of other ways to earn a high income as a family doctor?
  2. Hey everyone. Can someone please comment on who are the best advisors/banks for medical student LOC in the Montreal area? Thanks
  3. Hey everyone. I am looking for a dedicated study partner to prep for the MMI's in Calgary. I know that, according to Dr. Walker's post, interviews for U of C will come out around the 11th of February. However, I recently received an invite to another medical school and my interview is around mid-late February. I am looking for someone in Calgary who is in a similar situation and who would ideally be open to practicing most if not all the days of the week, in person. If anyone is interested, please comment below or PM me. Thanks.
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