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  1. Hello everyone, I recently got into U of T and McMaster for Occupational Therapy. I have to accept one of them by May 31st. I've been thinking about this since May 17th, and I just can't pick one, I've been 50/50 on them since Day 1. I've weighted the pros and cons, and they're both great schools and I've always wanted to attend both. Could anyone who went to these schools give me their perspective on their time at either school? It would really help me. Thank you!
  2. I did not attack the OP, I hope it doesn't come across that way. I just think it wasn't the right time or place to be doing it. But it's good that you gave that extra information to clear the air.
  3. Well said! OP was very fatalistic and almost sounds like they don't want people to accept because they're competition in the job market. Not a good look or mood to put out there for such a happy day (for some applicants anyway).
  4. Applied: Western, Toronto, Queens, and Mac (All OT)Accepted: Western, Toronto, Queens and MacWaitlisted: Rejected:GPA: c-gpa:3.48 sub-gpa: 3.87 I'm still torn between U of T and Mac. But it's 100% going to be one of them, so I hope that frees up the waitlist for Western and Queen's for some of you.
  5. So we have to check everything, not just ORPAS?
  6. > Makes that 8 hours of sleep in between nearly impossible. No joke, some of us have jobs where we need to be awake and perky lol.
  7. Do the offers come out today at midnight? or tomorrow at midnight? I'm confused.
  8. Talk to friends, or play video games lol It's all I have keeping my heart from jumping out of my mouth.
  9. Agreed! But man, I could use a 2-3 weeks in Europe to calm my nerves.
  10. Same thing here. I'm just going to put it off. If the news are good, then no biggie. But if the news aren't what you expect, then it will ruin your vacation.
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