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  1. Salut tout le monde! Sur le site (http://www.fmed.ulaval.ca/evenement/index.php?id=415) on me demande de faire un payement. Est-ce que c'est normal? Je ne suis pas certaine de ce que ça signifie. Si quelqu'un peut me clarifier la situation! Merci!!
  2. I got waitlisted (#41). CGPa : 3.10 I am not too hopeful that I will get a place this year since I am really low on the Waiting list :'( Goodluck everyone!
  3. TIME STAMP: 11:00 Result: Waitlisted cGPA: 3.78 Feeling about Casper: First time taking the Casper. Not too sure, but I did my best! ECs: Volunteering in hospitals, exec position in a student group, youth leader and leader of a choir, 1 research experience, sports (recreative and competitive) Year: 3rd year baccalaureate IP/OOP/International: IP Letter of EC: No Comments (Optional): This is my first time applying and hoping for the best!!
  4. Hi! My status changed to : Reviewed - Decision Pending. I am not sure if this is a good sign or a bad sign. Does anyone has that as well?
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