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  1. I think the office is closed in the sense that they are working from home. So phone calls will not be attended. Otherwise the interviewees for March 28/29 would not have received an email today in regards to the online interviews if the office was not doing any work. So emails to those still waiting *could* come out today.
  2. It's closed file. It was mentioned in one of the attachments in the interview invite email
  3. Not yet. I believe it took a couple of days for their response to the confirmation email last year
  4. Last year they sent rejections first and then invites
  5. Has anyone applied to Irish schools through Atlantic Bridge and has heard back from schools yet? Also, does anyone from previous years know when they usually send interviews/offers by? Thanks!
  6. How did you use the inspector tool to see your score? I've been trying to figure it out but I can't find it :/
  7. Why would it be staggered rejection waves this year when the system has been able to handle all rejections sent out at once in previous years? I'm just confused about that. But maybe it could be related to the increase in applicants this year?
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