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  1. You can email them to find out if there is anything else you should do. They reply pretty fast. Btw when did you send your transcript in? Mine still says initiated :/
  2. You can send them a message over the chat through your account, and they can update your OMSAS ID for you
  3. Valid till September 25. PM if interested!
  4. Hi everyone, I graduated from my bachelor's program this year and had a question about how to spend my gap year. In terms of med school apps, is it better to be committed to a single full-time activity or do 3-4 things part-time (volunteer, research, etc.) during a gap year? I know there is no "correct" answer to this question, but just wondering what everyone's thoughts are on this. Thanks!
  5. Has anyone called and knows if the class is full or what’s going on?
  6. It actually said away till June 11 (which is today...)
  7. No answer. Just a recorded msg that she is away from office
  8. Has anyone called and has an update on the situation? If not, I’ll give them a call
  9. Can 7:19 people expect to hear tomorrow then..?
  10. For those who got off the waitlist today, did your offer show up on OMSAS at midnight similar to how it did for the offers sent on May 14? Not sure if anyone would have checked this but just want to ask to see if I should be checking OMSAS tonight LOL Also, congrats everyone!!
  11. Does anyone know anything about emailing the school and expressing interest in their program if you’re on the waitlist? I know it is common in the States but unsure if it’s beneficial (or even a thing) here in Canada
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