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  1. Not yet. I believe it took a couple of days for their response to the confirmation email last year
  2. Seems like a new thing to me as well... Definitely makes the process more stressful as the rejection could come any time and is not exclusive to March!
  3. Are these regrets for applicants that don't meet cutoffs or otherwise?
  4. Last year they sent rejections first and then invites
  5. Has anyone applied to Irish schools through Atlantic Bridge and has heard back from schools yet? Also, does anyone from previous years know when they usually send interviews/offers by? Thanks!
  6. How did you use the inspector tool to see your score? I've been trying to figure it out but I can't find it :/
  7. Why would it be staggered rejection waves this year when the system has been able to handle all rejections sent out at once in previous years? I'm just confused about that. But maybe it could be related to the increase in applicants this year?
  8. You can email them to find out if there is anything else you should do. They reply pretty fast. Btw when did you send your transcript in? Mine still says initiated :/
  9. You can send them a message over the chat through your account, and they can update your OMSAS ID for you
  10. Valid till September 25. PM if interested!
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