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  1. I do believe that it is someone from the university you were accepted from. However, I just went to a notary. Was super quick and easy compared to arranging a meeting with the school and travelling there.
  2. Hey everyone, Just a little bit of background, I have lurked this forum for a long time, finally created an account to contribute back to the community. Being a retaker, I realized that many people (including myself) focus far too much on trying to learn every single concept, which hurts time for practice and overall potential score. After greatly improving my score with a change in strategy, I decided to work with some peers and created a straight to the point resource that provides the conceptual foundations following AAMC guidelines. This resource is entirely free and is not intended to generate any profit. Granted there are many resources available, however, I believe having another supplemental resource can only help. The URL is: http://mcataid.com Back to the point of this post, I have worked with some members from another forum (including the writer of the infamous Khan Psychology Notes), however, I must acknowledge the limitations of myself and the current contributors. I am seeking individuals who are confident in their CARS strategies to help finalize and publish this section. Also, I am seeking volunteers that would like to assist with editing the science content for accuracy. Please send me a message on the forum or contact through the website! Thanks in advance and I wish you all an amazing new year!
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