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  1. I applied and was contacted Monday for verification
  2. So i thought @2019goals was being fairly rude. I thought it was an honest question.. But at every turn you reveal a lie. Dude it is an anonymous forum. In your regrets for interviews you wrote that you had a 516 MCAT... why would you write that there. And now you say it was a 510? I don't have any advice for you because I have no idea what are your actual qualifications are. I hope your are more honest on your applications then you are on here. All I can say is you should maybe work a bit more on your character before applying to medicine.
  3. jp123

    Feedback letter

    I am surprised the EC is so harshly scored. Seems really low. Are all the EC scores whole numbers? Like just a simple "impressive or not" scale. If that's the case then the "difficult circumstances" essay could just be an additional point or not? Would love to know the in province numbers... ?
  4. Additionally it is all electronic... I guess they still need to figure out the weights of each station... but still
  5. I hope it is as early as possible. It is so hard to plan your summer/next year without knowing. Especially with U of C starting in July. Seems ridiculous that they do it this late.
  6. jp123

    Feedback letter

    They posted yesterday they were being uploaded. Log onto your application and look for the tab "Documents."
  7. I Do agree that this is the current state of affairs but I wonder what it will be in 5-10-15 years (when you want to make that jump). I can only see the roles of NP's increasing. But I do understand that is a compromise that you don't wont to make.
  8. I agree with this. I only took OCHEM 1 and I think there was only one thing that was in my prep material i didn't understand. Chem was also my best section on my MCAT
  9. jp123

    Necessary courses?

    I would skip organic 2 and do physics, bio, and psyc 200 and 201
  10. Sorry to hear that Jack. Can I ask what your time stamp was?
  11. Thanks, you too. Hopefully it wasn't a mistake email and the real ones come out later... UHG
  12. Got an invite but my secondary application doesn't seem to have a "confirmation" section... Anyone else?