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  1. Does this call amount/difficulty differ by residency program? Also, how much vacation time is typical for jobs in radiology? Thanks!
  2. It really doesn't matter what undergrad classes you do, just do the classes you feel that you could do best in grades wise. You will learn what you need in medical school. I did my undergrad in chemistry (so lots of organic chem, spectroscopy etc.) and found no issues at all learning the material in medical school.
  3. I see, thanks for clarifying! Had to do more digging from just viewing the actual radiology elective to find that out though, which is annoying,
  4. Browsing the AFMC electives in radiology. I am from Hamilton so wanted to do a Mac elective next year. However, I found it very odd that Mac has a non-refundable fee of $775. Why is it this much, when other schools are $100-200?
  5. Thanks for the information @rmorelan! Where do I find info on which states need the USMLE?
  6. @rmorelan How do you get ABR licensed? I'm interested in telerads eventually. Do most telerads jobs in the US need USLME to be completed? Or would doing a fellowship in the US make it easier?
  7. I'm a Canadian med student looking to go into radiology. I was wondering how useful writing the USMLEs would be for fellowship/jobs in the future? Additionally, I was wondering if telerads jobs available in Canada? As I am hoping to keep my options open and may consider telerads in the far future, would it be necessary to write the USMLEs?
  8. I know that radiology has really been dropping in competitiveness lately... What I want to know though, is how I can be the best looking applicant for my top choice schools? What are they looking for? How much does research matter? Haven't dipped my feet in research yet but I will. Do pubs matter in radiology? Currently M2 and have really taken an interest in radiology lately. Thanks!
  9. How much do you think the increasing volume will affect lifestyle (hours wise) in the next 5-10 years? I'm interested in rads but I guess I don't really have a full perspective on what lifestyle is like now, and what it will be like. Maybe you could chime in too @rmorelan!
  10. I'm currently in second year and have just done electives in ENT/Optho and am strongly considering them. I really enjoyed my time in them, but also am considering IM. I have been doing some research in IM thus far. How feasible is it to be competitive for a surgical sub-specialty and IM? When I apply for CaRMS, would I seem uncommitted to both if I continued research in both?
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