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  1. fluffybunnyyyyy

    Waitlist post-interview 2019 discussion

    Does anyone know when the rankings will be released?
  2. Just curious, has anyone gotten off the PT waitlist since june 7? I wanna know how much the waitlist is moving!
  3. fluffybunnyyyyy

    UOFT - best 2 years

    I think they include summer courses no? So September to August?
  4. Same... just got the email a few hours ago.... I wish they'd tell us our position or at least somehow see what number they're at!
  5. How do we know if we're on the waitlist for PT? I haven't received anything yet... I'm still at "In Review"
  6. fluffybunnyyyyy

    Is shadowing important?

    how do you find opportunities to shadow dentists?
  7. fluffybunnyyyyy

    Pursuing A Second Degree? What You Need To Know.

    I'm completing my Bsc in pharmacology at mcgill in a couple of months, but I'm considering doing a BSc in psyc which only has 54 credits (also at McGill)..... how do i go about finding a programs that 60+ credits??? or is 54 credits ok and i just have to complete at least 45 credits by november?? ty
  8. fluffybunnyyyyy

    Étalon de cotes USherbrooke

    probablement une question stupid: mais est-ce que les universites quebecois de Med utilise les notes de "graduate programs" avec les note de undergrad? par ex: 2e annee de physiotherapie M.Sc
  9. fluffybunnyyyyy


    WHat happens if I get admitted and don't reach the 860 TFI score cut-off?
  10. fluffybunnyyyyy

    McGill M.D.,C.M. Interview Invites / Regrets 2019

    Yikes... it just seems such a huge jump from 299 interview invites this year to -> 220. Only time will tell i guess
  11. fluffybunnyyyyy

    McGill M.D.,C.M. Interview Invites / Regrets 2019

    Does anyone know if 220-ish IP interviews are gonna be the new norm for upcoming years??? or do you think its just a one time thing?