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  1. Est-ce que quelqu'un sait combien de gens (categorie universitaire) ou la proportion qui etait refuser apres le premier coupe du dossier academique? Similarement, le fraction entre le nombre de personnes qui entrevue habituellement et qui sont acceptés (Je sais pour mcgill c'est environ 1/3)?
  2. HI has anyone successfully deferred their acceptance, what were the reasons? I have some questions please DM me if you can! GL everyone! Thanks
  3. HI has anyone deferred their acceptance before? Can you DM me i have questions! What sort of reasons would they accept? Thanks!!
  4. Damn i didn't think the waitlist would go so high!! You never know!!!
  5. Is there anyone here in montreal that would be down to meet up and prep sometime this week?
  6. I honestly never thought I would be posting on this site... i'm shook!!!!! Result: Invite cGPA: 3.78 sGPA: 3.91 DAT (PAT and MDT): PAT 20 MDT 11 ECs: few research projects over the summer, couple of club exec positions, volunteer at hospitals, shadowed a dental clinic Year: Completed a BSc, now 1st year of second degree BA
  7. what did you write in your academic explanations letter? I'll be in the same boat as you next year!
  8. Thanks! It seems like they did miss my message. I sent another today and they responded within an hour!
  9. I sent a message through SAM regarding a change to my academic record but they haven't responded or did anything and its been about a week... does anyone know how long it takes for them to reply? Thanks!!
  10. I thought I had a strong connection too! I grew up there, my dad went there for med and have family members who were profs at dalhousie too ughhhhhh i dont understand what more they want from me lol
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