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  1. I haven't either. Last year i got mine on June 28th so should be any day now!
  2. does anyone know what the cGPA cut offs are for the french IP stream?
  3. This is really inspirational, and is something i was always worried about! You've given me hope haha, thank you for sharing!
  4. Omg MCGILL just updated and they’re not using winter grades I’m so concerned for my eligibility as a second degree applicant... I’ll email them
  5. Do you have to be waitlisted-post interview to know your academic scores? I didnt get an interview this year so i was just wondering
  6. Did anyone get accepted to Uoft and McGill (inprovince) and gonna decline their mcgill offer? lmao desperate times man...
  7. est-ce que tu es dans la categorie medP/dentP ou universitaire?
  8. Est-ce qu'il y a quelqu'un qui etait accepter à DMD Laval ou UdeM et refusera leur offre à DMD McGill
  9. Est-ce qu'il y a quelqu'un qui etait accepter à DMD Laval ou UdeM et refusera leur offre à McGill?
  10. i'm in the same boat as you, still on the WL!! Hang in there Can I ask what ur rank is?
  11. Are you guys OOP? Cause I’m IP and DIDNT get any emails!!!
  12. I didn't get that email, what else did it contain/ do you mind posting screen shot? Does that mean we're actually at #3 for IP and not 5???
  13. Est-ce que je peux te demander pourquoi tu as refusé ton offre?
  14. OHHH tu es collegien, je suis dans la categorie universitaire MY BAD OOPS, ignore me lol... Bonne chance!!
  15. Med and dent sont déjà sortis. Ça l’aire qu’il y avait une problem avec ton application. Toute le mond a reçu une réponse déjà (refus, accepté, liste d’attente). Je suggère d’envoyer une courriel asap!!
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