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  1. Thanks! It seems like they did miss my message. I sent another today and they responded within an hour!
  2. I sent a message through SAM regarding a change to my academic record but they haven't responded or did anything and its been about a week... does anyone know how long it takes for them to reply? Thanks!!
  3. I thought I had a strong connection too! I grew up there, my dad went there for med and have family members who were profs at dalhousie too ughhhhhh i dont understand what more they want from me lol
  4. You scared me! Haha i thought people already started receiving invites, I’m very very anxious
  5. When you guys log in into the dalhousie application summary portal where it lists when they received your documents, do the casper results show up as received anywhere cause mine doesn't....... mb I'm just paranoid hahaa
  6. Also, does anyone know when the stats from last cycle will be available? the website still has the 2018 one.
  7. How does Ottawa med admins check if our courses had a lab component, will they just look on the websites? Cause i thought I they would have some sort of indicator when inputting our prereqs.
  8. nope! but does anyone know when they tell us if they received our mcat scores?
  9. this is what mine said after i submitted section 2: (from the email evenothough i paid, so we're good!)
  10. Congrats to everyone who submitted their application! I just wanted to make sure that everything we need to do is completed: - Complete section 1 - Pay the $70 fee - Send in transcripts - Release MCAT scores ( Mine still hasn't shown up on the application summary its been 2 weeks) - Release CASPER - Complete section 2 and wait for the confirmation email and thats it right? GL to all!
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