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  1. same I sent mine at the end of July, and because I just read this post I sent mine again cause I panicked LMAO
  2. Hey I saw on their website that "NEW: You will be prompted to identify the top three (3) activities in each category (maximum of 18 in total) that you feel has best prepared you to apply to medicine." I was wondering where the prompt will show up on OMSAS when willing it out? cause I haven't seen anything yet? Thanks!
  3. I only got 1 email from casper, and that was from 2 days ago..hmmm
  4. Thanks for letting me know! Mine actually expired today... i guess theyre just gonna use the unofficial ones
  5. It was written when I was ordering my transcripts, although different schools may have different policies
  6. I submitted my transcript electronically to their email as stated on their website, one from McGill and UofT almost a month ago. However I realized admissions must retrieve and download these transcripts within 30 days of it being sent. The 30 days are almost up and once it passes the deadline, I have to pay for a new one. I sent them an email to notify them about the expiry date situation and they replied that they weren't aware of this and that they were swamped with emailed transcripts... which is totally understandable. It is now getting really close to the 30 day mark (day 27 to be exact) and I know they haven't opened it because I opted in for text notifications from the transcript delivery service that notifies me when they its been retrieved + reminders that it hasn't been opened Is anyone else in the same boat as me? I can't even do anything since I've already contacted them about it and the problem isn't on my end
  7. C'est quoi leur email des admissions? J'ai envoyer une courriel il y a plus que 2 semains et une autre le semaine dernier et ils m'ont jamais repondu
  8. does anyone know how long it takes for them to confirm that they received our transcripts?
  9. Bonjour, Quand est-ce que c'est la date limite d'ecrire le test de francais internationale (TFI) pour les applicants anglophones? Avant le 15 nov? apres? Merci!
  10. oh Im in province but i ranked about 400th/788 at the prescreen stage
  11. wait, so you didn't get your casper ranking? just your overall?? Also i'm just guessing but maybe they assign points to how high your gpa is + casper + CV scores, and since your CV wasn't reviewed, you essentially got a score of 0 hence the low ranking overall? this would make the most sense to me
  12. I submitted my part 1 yesterday and today i can see a list of outstanding items such as my transcripts etc... However it says my MCAT score was received today even tho I haven't even released it from AAMC yet (i wrote it last summer). Is this a mistake or are they just saying they received my self-reported MCAT scores which we all inputted in part 1? Cheers
  13. I just went on their website to check when they're suppose to send out rankings and it seems they updated it. Rankings will come out sometime in July, so literally any day now lol.
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