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  1. Time Stamp: March 27 Results: Regrets wGPA: low MCAT: Met cutoffs ECs: Heavy research Essays: Decent Year: 4th yr PhD Geography: IP
  2. Interesting, its still strange that out of the people posting in these forums, of those that haven't heard back yet, the vast majority are PhDs lol.
  3. So based on a quick search of the invites/regrets topic with the keyword "PhD" it doesn't look like any PhD students have been given an invite or rejection yet. Or maybe I don't know how to use technology properly.
  4. Very interesting, myself and another PhD I know haven't heard back yet either
  5. ... Was the invite thread deleted? :s PhD here, haven't heard, only other PhD I know applying also hasn't heard.
  6. Am I the only one who got two invite emails? around 20 minutes apart... Second one scared me, thought they were going to say the first was an accident LOL
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