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  1. Yes you can! I wrote mine last year in mid-September.
  2. I got in this year with a 509 (126 CARS) if that helps! Good luck!
  3. I can't believe I get to post this!!!!! So excited and grateful!!! Result: Accepted!!!!!!! Timestamp: May 14 8:43AM cGPA: 3.83, 2YRGPA: 3.89 MCAT: 509 (128/126/127/128) EC's: Long-term and diverse. 7+ years volunteering at a paediatric palliative care hospice, including taking on multiple leadership roles and being the youngest member of a volunteer advisory committee, 3+ years hospital volunteering, 3 years summer employment as a lifeguard at outdoor parks, clinical research for 3+ years with several long-term projects, poster presentations, and oral presentations at research symposiums, 4+ years as either president or vice-president in multiple student clubs, volunteer piano teacher, volunteer First Responder with school's first responder team, co-leader of parish youth group, 3+ years volunteering with Let's Talk Science + multiple leadership positions within the organization, several remote outreach trips to Northern Canada to teach science, member of ukulele band and avid ukulele player, multiple first-place awards for presenting research, and multiple scholarships and leadership awards. Geography: IP Year: 4th year UG Interview: MMI definitely felt better than panel! 5/6 MMI stations felt really good, I had practiced extensively and gotten feedback from multiple medical students on my interview delivery to prepare. Panel was more difficult, some questions I was definitely not expecting, but I answered everything honestly and was true to myself. I will say that I walked out of the interview feeling confident, but have been doubting my answers ever since, so this acceptance is a pleasant surprise!! As this was my only interview, I will be accepting this offer. Looking forward to meeting you all in September! And best of luck to everyone on the waitlist I also want to remind future applicants and you don't always need the highest GPA or MCAT to succeed (I certainly don't have either). Even if you don't have the most competitive stats, as long as you have good EC's, it's still worth applying!!!!
  4. Long-time lurker, first-time poster!!! I'm so unbelievably grateful for this opportunity! Result: Invite! Time Stamp: 9:20am wGPA/2 year GPA: 3.89 Year: 4th MCAT: 509 (128/126/127/128) ECs: The strong suit of my application. Long-term, diverse, several unique experiences. PM for more info. Geography: IP Congratulations to everyone else who received an interview, looking forward to meeting you all!
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