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  1. lmfao, can't believe how things escalated from giving the virgin OP advice to bringing up the toxic environment in medicine. The truth is, once you reach a certain threshold, it becomes increasingly subjective to place people into "attractiveness tiers" because everyone has different tastes. There have been numerous times where a friend will think a certain woman is attractive and yet I only think she's "OK" and vice-versa.
  2. Perhaps people do it because they don't want to commit the next 30-40 years of their lives to something they personally find dull and unstimulating? If money were to be the sole factor to take into account when deciding on a career that will last for decades, then medicine might not be the best choice to begin with.
  3. Getting a reference from a family member for med school applications is a horrible idea. I know UofT screens for this before even sending the applications for file review. I'd advise against it. As for what constitutes a personal reference, I interpret it as someone (UNBIASED) who can speak about your character and personality and not just your academic abilities.
  4. They look a bit deeper than last year's; seems like one would need to put in more thought (i.e. work) into them, although I don't deny the topics are relevant. From an applicant's perspective I'm happy I didn't get these
  5. Not sure I like these changes. Personally, I think U of T should decrease the weight they give GPA, not the MCAT.
  6. Thanks! That's exactly what I wanted to know.
  7. Thanks for that elaborated answer! Just as curiosity, my understanding is that each academy has a few anchor hospitals and students will be assigned to those individual hospitals for the clinical part of pre-clerkship. For instance at Fitz you could be assigned to St. Mike's or St. Joe's. If someone at Fitz is assigned to St. Joe's are they still allowed to use the learning facilities of St. Mike's? Like lets say its the weekend and I want to use one of the seminar rooms available at Li Ka Shing even though that's not my primary anchor hospital, am I still allowed?
  8. Thanks for the reply. My main problem with PB is North York General, that would be death lol. WCH would be great, and I guess Sunnybrook is OK. I am curious about the PB perks though, if you don't mind on talking about them?
  9. I've heard that if you rank Fitzgerald as your first choice and WB as your second, then there's a fair chance you'll end up at PB, as the people who rank WB first will be given priority for WB spots and Fitz is just very competitive due to its small size. Can any current UofT students confirm this? Also, for someone who will be living downtown and really does NOT want to commute, is ranking WB first a "safer" strategy?
  10. Result: Accepted to St. George Timestamp: May 14th Email Subject Line: University of Toronto MD Offer Letter (for those who are curious about what the email looks like) wGPA: 3.94 or 3.95, can't remember exactly how it would have been rounded MCAT: Above the cutoffs ECs: Average to above average. Significant amounts of hospital volunteering, tutoring, research (outside of grad school), a few awards/scholarships and a lot of student leadership. I think overall it was essentially stuff you'd expect from any pre-med, nothing I would classify as truly unique. Kept the clusters in mind when choosing my ECs and describing them in the ABS statements. Brief Personal Essays: Started to brainstorm two weeks before the deadline, but actually wrote them in the last two days before the deadline (I don't recommend this as I didn't have time to allow others to proofread). I thought they were adequate for what is expected of an MD applicant, although nothing spectacular that would blow someone's mind. I focused more on exposing my experiences/viewpoint rather than trying to artificially fit in those clusters; made three of them personal and one was fairly impersonal. 
Interview: Coming out of it I thought it was mediocre overall and I cringed several times in the subsequent weeks about some of things I said. My personal breakdown of all 4 stations was : 1- above average; 2- average ; 3- good ; 4- below average Year: MSc Completed (no first author publications, so I was likely evaluated as an undergrad)
  11. I would definitely be prepared for a question like this. People usually think that because a question is super cliché it will never be asked, but remember that it's cliché for a reason. Speaking from my own experience, I think it's likely you'll get at least one of those at panel/MPI interviews, and it'll look bad if you can't properly answer something as basic as that.
  12. March 2nd. Although the other two interviewers were more like "meh, next" lol
  13. Honestly, it's always hard to gauge; considering all 4 stations I thought I did mediocre overall. I thought time went by really quickly at each station, and it felt more like a conversation rather than an interrogation lol. For 2 of them I talked all the way to the end, for another 2 I had time to ask the interviewers a question. I'm curious as to what other people think about interviewer behaviour/reactions. Like, how fake are they? If you get an interviewer that says "I think that was a really good answer" or at the end of the interview says "I think you'd make a great addition to the program" should these be taken seriously or is it just the interviewer trying to be nice without actually meaning what they say?
  14. They've said in one of their webinars that how much notice you are given before an interview is to a significant extent related to your geographical location as it relates to Toronto. Meaning people on the west coast and outside of Canada are likely to be given notice a month in advance of their interview date compared to someone living in Mississauga.
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