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  1. I certainly agree that a more holistic approach is better for choosing doctors, it just sucks when they moving the net around on the ice during the game.
  2. I think the hardest part for the SWOMEN people who were used to the old system was that, for many of us without perfect scores, the interview was our chance to shine, to really prove ourselves to someone in person and show that we have what it takes, and now many of us lost that chance for a mysterious reason. I know everyone cant automatically be given an interview, but before at least you knew who met the cutoff and would get one. extremely frustrating to now not have that opportunity.
  3. Ill have to look more into the DO schools, I have that weird feeling that if I do DO ill always wish I had done more to get the MD though, even though Ill still be doing what I love
  4. Thanks, and yes I had a med student read over all of my ABS and essays and work with me over months to fine tune them. And yes I have full time work, the only thing I dont have is research. Maybe research and some more work experience over this next year + another year of application will get me a spot.
  5. orthodontics, but it requires you to attend dental school, which places a heavy weight on GPA.
  6. well thats the thing, I never planned for a backup because I am determined to do medicine. But im not sure how to improve my application short of doing an entire other undergrad. Ortho interests me, but then I have to write the DAT and apply to dentistry, which is even more focused on GPA than medicine.
  7. I cant change my GPA though... I am completed my undergrad. That is where I am unsure of what to do
  8. what exactly would be considered a "better" EC? Research publications?
  9. I had a med student read over my ABS for 2 months and perfected it, I literally did my applications full time after my MCAT, so I dont think they were poorly written.
  10. true, but last years application cycle I had a 510 MCAT, so only one cycle with a 516. hopefully research will be enough to bolster it, on top of a few other things I do over the next year. any suggestions on what I can do to increase my chances?
  11. Rejected IP SWOMEN best 2 year GPA- 3.83 MCAT 127/128/131/130/516 ECs: heres where I dont understand... 7 years in the royal canadian air cadets, 3 medals and 2 other awards with them, along with scholarships to earn my glider and private pilots licence plus 3 week survival course at CFB borden and 2 week basic training at CFB trenton. 4 years hospital volunteer, 2 years clinic volunteer, many other random event volunteering. 500 hours with the YMCA volunteer, worked at YMCA as camp counselor, worked at car wash for a year, worked in a factory over the summer, do lots of music and sports, very active outdoors, currently restoring a 23 year old land rover frame-off, played hockey for 14 years, coach high school track and field (and was an athlete in HS). only thing I dont have is research... apparently that is the missing ticket, even though I was told otherwise... Got no interview from anywhere in ontario, Dal, mcgill, alberta, BC or the states, not one. good luck to anyone with an interview
  12. Thanks, I think the research this year might help. And my EC is pretty diverse, thats why it doesnt make sense to me that queens and western rejected (not like im trying to claim how great I am, but they show dedication and excellence in many different roles). maybe the person that read it didnt understand the impact of some of my ECs, but I even hired a service to look over my essays and help me fine tune them, so not sure this is the case. simply could have just been unlucky.
  13. Thanks, I think next year I am going to expand more in the US. The US gives me the most options, and as I listed its not the end of the world if I cant come back to Canada and have to work in the states (although id rather work here, I dont like the US healthcare system) I think im best to do my research this year and TA a few classes, maybe join the forces as a part time job and hope for the best
  14. I know there are plenty of us in this boat, and I am willing to work for years towards this goal, but I feel like I have been doing everything I can but am not getting any closer. And yes the extra undergrad scares me as they can apparently change the rules at will, which may waste years of my life. I just started a research position, so maybe that will help for next year, but Im starting to feel the pressure of getting older... And yes I applied to wayne, michigan state and vanderbilt (after they pursued me, they didnt even interview me...) and applied all over Canada. I would consider going away, and honestly wouldnt mind working in the states because I live in a border city and can commute. Not too many options for us it seems, dentistry isnt my thing and neither is pharm, and even if I joined the forces (i have always wanted to serve) I do not get an advantage and am considered for medicine like everyone else...
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