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  1. Hey there - just took the snapshot. Lemme tell ya - it was SO tough to think on the spot and come up with an answer in the two minute time frame. I had one question that I also found to be very intriguing and had to think for a little longer than I normally would. I found some interview questions online and practiced recording myself answering them and listening back, not sure if it was helpful though. @coffee coffee , there was no option to send it to any programs so I believe that they will be able to access it when they need it, as long as you have released your CASPer score to them!
  2. Hey there - I realize this might be a dumb question but do we have to list our experiences in chronological order for the ABS or will OMSAS automatically shuffle them around once we submit? Thanks!
  3. Yes! There is a box that you check under the text area when you enter the description that says "Most important (top 3, per category) for Ottawa (max 18 in total)" Cheers!
  4. Hey guys! I just have a quick question. When entering a university admissions scholarship, for example, there is no option to "check transcript". I'm just wondering what I'm supposed to put as a verifier?? Thanks!!
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