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  1. TIME STAMP: January 31st, 12:51PM Interview Date: February 24th Result: Invite! cGPA: 3.98 wGPA MCAT: 129CP/127CARS/130BIO/128PSYSOC ECs: pretty diverse and non-traditional! I spent a lot of time working in my campus' Residence program as a Don one year, a life-sci academic support person another etc. with lots of internal committees and community work throughout, plus a big focus on mental health and well-being with suicide prevention and intervention certifications. Also focused quite a bit on LGBTQ initiatives, and was the right hand to the faculty chair of our LGBTQ advocacy committee which included lots of events and community outreach. Arts and music throughout as well, with choirs, performing at community shows and such. No research publications. Working now full-time as a PTA in a physio clinic, and part-time elsewhere doing surgical work for eye donations from organ donors. Essays: I didn't get them looked over which probably wasn't a good idea, but I felt good about them and true to myself. Worked on them for about a month. Year: 4yr HBSc. grad, UofT Geography: IP
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