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  1. Sooo at this point, there's probably no hope? I have yet to receive any updates from UofT.
  2. TIME STAMP: 12:51 p.m Interview Date: February 24th! Result: Invite cGPA: 3.95 MCAT: (131, 127, 129, 131) 518 ECs: Quite diverse, long term, NSERC, founded a small non-profit, volunteering abroad, long-term pharmacy job, etc. Essays: good enough apparently! I had them reviewed by current med students and advisors at my undergrad Year: Graduated 2018 Geography: IP
  3. Result: Invite!! Time Stamp: 9:20 a.m Interview Date: March 3, 4, 23, or 24 wGPA: 3.95 Year: Graduated last year MCAT: (131, 127, 129, 131) 518 ECs: Well rounded, good enough for an invite to Toronto Geography: IP
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