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  1. You are able to log into it. I have been logging in here and there, but haven’t received any updates there (i.e. my western email). Updates still going to my primary email listed on my app!
  2. I’ve had some medical student friends tell me they thought they, “bombed” their interview, and they still got in. So it’s definitely possible. I think in retrospect nearly everyone gets that “Dang, I should have said that” moment.
  3. Yeah exactly. That’s prob how they do it. But including waitlist movement nearly all OOP get sent an acceptance at one time or another? I heard someone even got accepted after being straight up rejected. Idk the validity of that but who knows
  4. OOP here too. Wondering the same thing. From my research it seems as if they did indeed extend an acceptance to all OOP unless you failed the MMI. Idk how hard it is to fail an MMI tho - might be easier than one thinks. We hear back May 15th or something?
  5. I got an email already asking to confirm my attendance. I assumed that meant they were having the normal in-person interview? But Idk tbh.... I would rather avoid airports if I could Edit: I'm an OOP Ontario applicant as well
  6. That's what I was thinking, but in reality what is the point of holding on to the invites if they're ready. It also benefits us if they are released early so we can start planning for next year.... hmmm who knows
  7. So b/c there are no more interviews do you think decisions will be released earlier?
  8. Yeah I don't think they're doing any interview. That is why they offered the compensation of an auto-invite next cycle (which is kinda cool tbh, but obvs we are all hoping to get in this year)
  9. UofT MD admissions really hits different.... People are out here begging to get denied ahaha (myself included aha - just get it over with)
  10. I'm interested - I'm back in Ottawa this Friday (tmrw) for reading week! Let me know
  11. How do you RSVP? Is it too late? Edit: Nvm! Got an email
  12. Ok everyone I called... there's good news and bad news... Good news: The fact that I didn't send in my updated transcript doesn't matter, and my file still underwent review! For others, if your cGPA is posted on your account you are good, that means they have all the necessary transcript info. Bad news: it doesn't seem like invites are coming out today aha. I was told invites will be sent to our UofA email by Friday. But it was strongly suggested that we, "start checking our UofA emails tomorrow".....so make of that what you will
  13. Welp I did not do that.... refer to my name to see how I'm feeling
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