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  1. I'm interested - I'm back in Ottawa this Friday (tmrw) for reading week! Let me know
  2. How do you RSVP? Is it too late? Edit: Nvm! Got an email
  3. Ok everyone I called... there's good news and bad news... Good news: The fact that I didn't send in my updated transcript doesn't matter, and my file still underwent review! For others, if your cGPA is posted on your account you are good, that means they have all the necessary transcript info. Bad news: it doesn't seem like invites are coming out today aha. I was told invites will be sent to our UofA email by Friday. But it was strongly suggested that we, "start checking our UofA emails tomorrow".....so make of that what you will
  4. Welp I did not do that.... refer to my name to see how I'm feeling
  5. Question, if we already sent in a transcript containing our 1st, 2nd, and 3rd year grades, were we also supposed to send in an updated transcript containing our 4th year, first semester grades?
  6. I'm no expert but your academic / pre-med ECs seem really good (long term and developed). You're GPA is obvs amazing as well. I'd say if your personality-EC's (the ones that show your true interests/hobbies) are developed you have a great shot! Of course, essay's are a big component too! All in all you seem like a strong applicant to me.... but again, I'm a 4th year UG like yourself ahah so I don't have the most credibility on the whole WAMC threads ahaha
  7. Not sure if this will help, but you're not alone. I've always done things I'm passionate about and my ECs really impress some people (I've had a medical professional tell me my application/EC's were "perfect" LOL), yet I was also given 0-25th percentile. I don't think that means my ECs are bad. To me, it's that I did not frame my EC's in a way that matches UBC's rubric. I still feel that some schools may look at my ECs and love them. Not sure if you care what I have to say ahah, but thinking of it that way helped me get over the initial feeling of defeat... we're in this together!
  8. Thank you, those all sound like amazing ideas! I might start typing up some emails now aha, wish me luck
  9. Yeah its called yield protection right? Sucks b/c for me it wouldn't be a waste of an interview, my stats mean nothing in Canada aha
  10. I applied 11 schools and have only received news from 1 (Mayo) - SUNY, Stony, Dartmouth, SLU, Wayne State, Howard, WUSTL, Icahn, & the embarrassing wastes of money: Harvard, Yale Stats: 3.93 & 521 I'm expecting R's from all 10 remaining schools at this point -- any insight as to how likely that is?
  11. Pro tip, you can right click and press "inspect element" and it shows you a local version of the source code. You can look and see what your exact score was and the cut offs!
  12. I got email saying regrets, then had to check website for scores and all that
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