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  1. Applied: All OT, U of A, Western, Queens, U of T & McMaster Accepted: U of A Waitlisted:Rejected:GPA:c-gpa and s-gpa: U of A sGPA: 3.84, Orpas sGPA: 3.81 Orpas cGPA 3.55Perceived strength of essays/interviews/references: Received interview at Mac unsure of how it went. Lots of volunteer experience with children and older adults. Shadowed two different OTs, one of whom was a reference. Honours supervisor was the other reference.
  2. I just want to be prepared thank you! Did you bring a pen/ pencil or were they supplied ?
  3. For those who have done the Mac MMI, are the two written stations on a computer?
  4. Hi Everyone! Just wanted to let everyone know the ORPAS has calculated the cGPA and sGPA from the transcripts sent in. You can find it underneath Document Tracking!