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  1. Hello all, just saying my opinion on the whole argument going on about 'legal action' vs the "suck-it-up" perspective. For reference i got an interview at uwo last year but didnt get one this year, i met all the cut-offs and in my opinion was involved in numerous diverse EC's which i genuinely enjoyed and reflected a lot on. I had numerous people look over my essays and took my time reflecting on what I learned and what I gave to the endeavors. Of coarse I was disheartened when I received the news, while I obviously accepted it and wouldn't purse any legal action, here is where I think the source of frustration is (take it with a grain of salt its just my opinion) Congrats to everyone who got in, but I find it unproductive to say to someone "maybe you should self reflect and get involved more" the truth is many people here have amazing EC's and genuinely do it for interest and have "self-reflected". I myself was involved in numerous projects when I wrote, and spent a long time reflecting on them. The issue isnt that these people and myself arent "self-reflecting" but the frustration comes from lack of transparency on exactly what they want the essays about. Complete subjectivity without any coherent feedback on what they're looking for, in addition to it being the first time and such a quick change. Ofcoarse, essays are always going to be subjective, one person might perceive your homeless shelter volunteering as extremely cliche while one finds it heartwarming. This is sharply contrasted with Toronto's essays, that have a clear indication of what exactly they're looking for. Even so, lots of advice and help can be given to help students write their essays (from previous students, while for western this is the first time). Bottom line is there's lots of qualified candidates that deserve to get in, I am not gonna say i deserve more or I am entitled. But what is fair is a source of transparency on what one can do in the future. What exactly are the marks given for? how is it marked? what factors holistically impact the essay? congrats again to everyone who got their interview and goodluck.
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