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  1. Result: Accepted off the waitlist today Geography: IP GPA: 3.5 MCAT: 524 Degree: BSc x 2 EC: Was not planning on going into medicine when I did my first undergrad, so severely lacking until more recently. I was always interested in learning new things: I learned the piano and a couple of sports on my own, learned computer programming on my own. Cookie cutter ECs: project manager for a club, VP and president of a club, research assistant for 1 year + 1 summer. Was a private tutor, volunteer coach, etc. Clinical employment for 3 years. Truly, I think the best way to approach ECs is to do something you are passionate about regardless of whether it pertains to medicine. Of course, I think having medically related experiences help you to flesh out your reasons and determination for medicine. Interview: Thought I killed the panel because I have a very specific reason for medicine with a strong personal experience. MMIs were hit and miss but I am in general pretty good at interacting with people. Probably bombed 1 to 3 stations Don't give up guys! This is a project and I was ready to reapply again but make sure you do something else as well. I think you should have a backup career in mind and to work towards it. Not only does this give you a fall back but through the process, you gain skills and experiences for your application.
  2. Got off the waitlist today (June 3) at 1330 (130pm) so it's still moving and good luck everybody!
  3. Hey man, I'm in the same boat as you. Just waiting... I'm going to start sending my resumes out to some companies where my friends can refer me on Tuesday if I don't hear anything on Monday. There will always be a possibility (otherwise you wouldn't be on the waitlist unless the UofA is evil) but I think movements will be slow after Monday. Keep your head up man. You got this far, next year might be the year!
  4. Result: Waitlisted Geography: IP GPA: 3.50 MCAT: 524 Degree: BSc Math, BSc Psyc EC: not very good, decided to apply only 3 years ago, ~2000 hr clinical job, president of a club, tutor, recreational sports and music, computer programming, 1.3 years of research, some abstracts no paper out yet. Interview: Thought I killed the panel since I have a very specific reason for doing medicine, MMIs were meh, thought I bombed 1 or 2 Congrats to those accepted and keep your chin up everyone else! The first years at interview said if you got this far, you will eventually get in!
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