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  1. what do you mean? any specifics?
  2. Would it not be better to just graduate a month earlier and do whatever you want?
  3. What specialty is that if you do not mind me asking.
  4. How difficult is it to move to the US if you are not limited by other factors (families, spouses (and their job/networks/etc), kids, community ties, social networks, political/social differences) ? Does anyone know of ortho residents who have been able to move?
  5. Exactly what I am wondering. What is the barrier stopping all these unemployed orthopods from moving to the US?
  6. I have been talking to residents. They are quite concerned about the job outlook. Are there any hopes of this improving in the future? I understand this is basically predicting the future and anyone's guess but I would really like any opinions.
  7. How is orthopaedics in comparison to ENT and urology in terms of employment opportunities?
  8. Wondering if there is any changes now in 2019. Does it seem to be getting better or worse?
  9. Is it worth it to consider ortho for CaRMS at this time? Can anyone comment on the job situation? How do you see it developing 7 - 8 years from now?