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  1. https://medicine.dal.ca/departments/core-units/admissions/admissions/place-of-residence.html For the purpose of applying to Dalhousie Medical School, you are considered a resident of a Maritime Province if you meet the following: You are a Canadian citizen or a Canadian Permanent Resident AND you meet the criteria in 1 of the 4 categories below: 1. You are an independent student** (see definition below) and have resided continuously in a Maritime province for one period of twelve consecutive months immediately prior to the application submission deadline (Section 2). This excludes time spent as a full-time student at a post-secondary institution 2. You are a dependent student** (see definition below) and your parents, or guardian resided in a Maritime province for one period of twelve consecutive months immediately prior to the application submission deadline (Section 2) 3. You have completed 6 consecutive years of post-secondary education in the same Maritime Province, immediately prior to the application submission deadline (Section 2) 4. You have been on active duty as an RCMP police officer or as a member of the Regular Force of the Canadian Armed Forces for a minimum of 12 consecutive months prior to the application submission deadline (Section 2) Definitions**: For the purposes of this policy, the term: "Full-time student" means you are enrolled in a post-secondary education program for at least 60% of the regular course load, or 40% if you are disabled, including internships and practicum's. "Independent student" means you meet, at minimum, one of the following conditions: have been out of high school for four years have been in the work force for two periods of 12 consecutive months and were not a full-time student during this period are or were married or common-law have a dependent living with you have no legal guardian or parents are deceased are a permanent ward of a child and family services agency "Dependent student" means you are considered to be financially dependent on parent(s) or guardian(s) AND do not meet the criteria of an independent student **Please note Independent or Dependent Student status is determined by an individual's status at the time of the start of the academic medical program for which they are applying. Applicants are required to give complete information on their residency status at the time of application.
  2. Your posted stats are excellent, but unfortunately, the OOP seats are few and the applications are many.
  3. Also interesting is that the affirmative action policy page is no longer active on the Dal website, so maybe they are changing their approach?
  4. 110. The size could increase depending on the number of qualified indigenous Maritimers or black Nova Scotian applicants.
  5. Class of 2022: Class stats Average GPA: 3.8 Average MCAT: 509 Average age: 24 Age range: 21-34 Number of females: 61 (54%) Number of males: 51 (45%)
  6. Class size can also fluctuate depending on the number of qualified African-Nova Scotian or Indigenous applicants. Their applications are not counted against the class limit and therefore can push numbers higher, potentially.
  7. Variation in class size is likely caused by the number of qualified indigenous and African Nova Scotian applicants. While these applicants are subject to the same standards for entry as all the other applicants, they are not ranked against the other applicants. "Admission prerequisites are required for all applicants. However, applicants who apply under the Affirmative Action Statement are considered on the basis of their qualifications for the study of medicine rather than in relation to other candidates." Source: https://medicine.dal.ca/departments/core-units/admissions/about/affirmative-action-policy.html
  8. They don't publish this information. The 7 people who responded to this poll might be the closest indicator you are going to get. 2 people with scores in the 69 - 69.9 range (coinciding with the poll results) have posted that they have received an offer off the wait list. The next potential movement of the list will probably be in May when the other schools start making their offers. Good luck.
  9. It seems the score they give you is not what they use to determine the placing on the wait list. There has been some talk of z-scores, but that's beyond my abilities to comprehend.
  10. Not for each province. One wait list each for NB, PEI, NS then one for everyone else.
  11. Congratulations! You should update the 'Accepted/Rejected/Deferred/Waitlisted for Current Applicants' thread with your stats for future generations... Is this your first attempt?
  12. The silence here is killing me. Does anyone have any insight as to when the offers /rejections will be coming out for the NB / PEI seats? I know it's historically been late March and the website says April.. Just wondering if someone knows someone who knows someone...
  13. There are 30 Dal seats in Saint John and 10 seats at MUN (St. John's) for NBers (NB Population 770k) There are 60 seats at MUN for NFLD students (NFLD population 525k)
  14. You people are doing God's work here... This information should be pinned to the top of the forum for future applicants to see.
  15. They may very well come out this week... "Before the end of the month" means, now stop calling!
  16. Implied in that response is "... And if you keep asking, it'll be the end of April!"
  17. I believe they came out on a Monday last year... March 5th.
  18. I'd say 10:00am to 10:30am... If no one has heard anything by noon, then it's back to curling up in a ball in the back of your closet until tomorrow...
  19. A little longer... Care to elaborate?
  20. Is everyone talking to a different person? Each contact with the office appears to yield a different result.
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