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    Falstaff reacted to MedHopeful93 in Mcmaster vs Dalhousie   
    In this climate, I would personally be nervous about attending a 3 year program.  COVID will likely be yesterday's news by the time you're in clerkship (which is where it matters most) but given that you have only 1.5 years to do any sort of clinical immersion, your pre-clerkship years may be limited in terms of opportunity for pre-clerkship elective/ hospital exposure.  Something to think about at least! 
    As for the "reputation" comment, it's important to consider why that matters.  Dal grads have excellent match rates, and ample opportunity for research, electives, etc.  We have all major specialties, fewer learners, and lots of eager mentors which means opportunities are easy to come by and help with matching etc.  Unless you are super keen on exploring a highly specialized subspecialty, (or like some said, impress your friends) I can't think of why Dal being a smaller or less internationally-known school would be a disadvantage in any way.  
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    Falstaff reacted to Anaik in Mcmaster vs Dalhousie   
    I encourage you both to take the time to look into the CMAs data on CARMS throughout the years. 

    I also encourage you to talk to people from both programs, you’ll find both schools will give you adequate exposure to any field you want. For example, I know at dal you can set up shadowing outside of electives in any specialty no problem. I imagine Mac has something similar. The “less opportunity” at dal is not actually a disadvantage if you factor in the fact that there are less students, and there’s a good chance you may be the only student in your year spending time under a preceptor.
    It should all come down to the environment you want to be in and which program suits you best. The school won’t make you a better physician, but the effort you put in will.
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    Falstaff reacted to FrankTheTank in Mcmaster vs Dalhousie   
    As a current Dal student, I would have to respectfully disagree. While Dal may be less internationally known than UofT or McGill, I'd argue that reputation means next to nothing for Canadian med schools outside of "impressing" your family and friends. Dal has a very comparable match rate to the rest of the schools in the country, and consistently matches to competitive specialties across the country.
    I'd also argue that we likely have more opportunities than bigger schools. Although Dal may not have as many super specialized physicians, they have residency spots in almost every discipline. We start half day/week electives (that we can choose ourselves) in first semester of first year to help us explore different specialties. With a smaller class size, you also don't need to worry about fighting as much over limited learning opportunities. Although you may not have the opportunity to network with as many physicians, you're able to build stronger relationships with the ones you do work with since you'll be spending more time with them.
    OP, I think really it comes down to length of program vs support system and which you value more. I'm sure you'll fair well at either school! Although not an OOP, the ones in my class and the one below me speak very highly of their choice to come to Dal.
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    Falstaff reacted to Anaik in Accepted/rejected/waitlisted/deferred (Current applicants)   
    Status: NB applicant
    timestamp: 9 am ish
    GPA: 93% (I think... too lazy to check)
    mcat: 517
    ECs: a lot of leadership (coaching, tutoring, student groups on campus). And always worked.
    interview: Had a blast at the traditional, MMI was good minus one station.
    super excited, but I think dal is my #1 choice right now so also hoping to hear from them soon.
    congrats to everyone accepted!
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    Falstaff reacted to HopelessMD in Updated Important Dates   
    Oh my god I am so nervous...I wish they would just tell us now
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    Falstaff reacted to Anaik in Post mmi feelings   
    The truth is no matter if you think you nailed it on some stations or did very poorly on some stations it doesn’t matter. The way we judge ourselves versus how others judge ourselves is totally different. Interviewers are all different people who will inevitably judge you different than you will judge yourself. While I think some self reflection is good, thinking about things further won’t change what they put on the sheet. Make a list of what you need to improve on if things don’t workout, and worry about tackling it if the time comes again! Fold that list up, put it at the bottom of your closet and don’t check it until results come out. Doing the whole “could of, should of, would of” in your head will in no way help, and will only stress you out further. Plus who the f*%k walks out of an MMI and thinks “haha, nailed it”??
    I’ll be honest here, I think the majority of people applying to medicine are much harder on themselves than your average human. Feeling like you’re in a race with everyone else applying, how can you not? It’s so easy to compare yourself to others and feel like you should be doing better. Keep that in mind if you’re feeling upset about your answers, what might’ve been poor in your self-critical eyes may have been excellent in the eyes of your interviewer. The amount of friends I’ve had that walk out of there and begin convincing themselves they bombed it only to get accepted is absurd. Now whether it’s a normal part of the process or I’m naturally drawn to neurotic people is a different questions haha! 
    Now for things you should do:
    -be proud of yourself! Getting an interview and getting through it is no easy feat. It means you are worthy of being there, and even if you didn’t get an acceptance just going through the process once is huge.
    -Relax! You don’t have to study for an mcat, prep for Casper or an interview. You literally have time to pursue hobbies, be social or binge watch the office. Whatever works for you. 
    -Focus on other aspects of your application you can control! If you’re still in school, focus on keeping a good GPA. Or look into other activities you’re interested in pursuing. 

    -Reward yourself! Again, you made it to and through and MMI. Go celebrate with friends, go on that trip you’ve been wanting to, get that new guitar, buy a box of lindor chocolates and watch Christmas movies, etc. Whatever is feasible for you! 
    Go easy on yourself, it’ll all workout in the end  
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    Falstaff reacted to Anaik in In province question   
    My guess is you were a dependent student and are not considered IP. You would need to live in Halifax for 12 months, and as such you would not be considered IP for next years cycle I believe? Someone correct me if I’m wrong!
    Best bet is to email them or call to verify
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    Falstaff reacted to Limes in Interview Invites 2019/2020 cycle   
    Any word out there yet? I like to think I've gotten better at dealing with this crippling silence and I'll be limiting myself to only one anxious post on the topic
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    Falstaff got a reaction from yeescience in Accepted 2019   
    You people are doing God's work here...
    This information should be pinned to the top of the forum for future applicants to see.
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    Falstaff got a reaction from Leenyaj in OOP Wait List Scores   
    110.  The size could increase depending on the number of qualified indigenous Maritimers or black Nova Scotian applicants. 
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    Falstaff got a reaction from avocado_toast in Am I too old for medical school   
    Class of 2022:
    Class stats
    Average GPA: 3.8 Average MCAT: 509 Average age: 24 Age range: 21-34 Number of females: 61 (54%) Number of males: 51 (45%)
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    Falstaff reacted to yaswa910 in Accepted/rejected/waitlisted/deferred (Current applicants)   
    Status: OOP (accepted, off waitlist)
    Timestamp: May 27 (phone call)
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    Falstaff reacted to mandm_user in NB Waitlist Scores   
    I never got around to posting but I got accepted around April 15 with a score of 68.6. Appreciate everyone and their support on this forum!
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    Falstaff reacted to Dalhousie23 in NS Waitlist Poll   
    Accepted today off the NS Waitlist this morning!
    I'll 100% be accepting this offer as this was the only school I applied to, and my first time ever applying. 
    GPA: 3.8
    MCAT: 511
    TOTAL Score: 71.07 out of 100.
    I do believe I was the highest person on this WL poll? I've heard one other person has been accepted off the NS WL before me, so Good luck to all!
    Insanely excited to meet the Class of 2023!
    Pm me if you have detailed questions!
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    Falstaff reacted to sunny_sideup in Accepted/Rejected/Deferred/Waitlisted for Current Applicants   
    Admissions offer at 1:30pm today off the NB waitlist! Will be accepting  I’m in absolute disbelief and over the moon excited! 
    This was my score breakdown for the waitlist
    Academic 19, 504 MCAT 3.8/4.0 GPA
    Essay Supplemental 19.16
    Interview 29.6 
    Total 67.76
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    Falstaff reacted to sadhooman in Support group for post-interview rejects   
    I've lurked for a very long time here but I'm acting out of my emotions right now. I only had 1 interview and received the R this morning (after checking OMSAS last night and seeing no offers and not sleeping the whole night). I'm feeling really down right now and I reaching out to see if anyone else feels the same way and wants to talk it out.
    On a side note, if anyone knows about interview feedback or general application feedback I would love to know if that process exists.
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    Falstaff reacted to loccom in IP (NB) Waitlist   
    Got off the NB waitlist last Thursday!
    gpa: 4.1 (unb 4.3 scale), honors biology-chemistry
    Current biochem masters student at Dal
    MCAT 522: 132, 131, 130, 129 (Bio, CARS, Phys, Psych or whatever those 3 letter codes are..... order in which you write it)
    Fair amount of diverse health related volunteering but not as long term as probably many applicants: Street health program, hospice, cancer center, veterans hospital, adult day care volunteer for patients with dementia. Also helped start a youth group at my church in undergrad and volunteered as an assistant karate instructor. Lots of lifeguarding and camp counselor jobs with some leadership positions.
    This was my fourth application cycle haha. I've had a hard time with the interview process as I'm pretty introverted by nature but I've also done a lot to improve my ECs over the past couple years. Worked hard this year on my interview skills and it paid off! Felt like a good interview overall, which I was thankful for. I've always really liked MUN as a focused and socially accountable school so I'm really excited to attend in September!
    This was my third time on a med school waitlist lol (twice for MUN haha...). Be kind to yourselves friends! You guys are all excellent and I know how hard you've probably worked as well as an estimated stress level.... Sending nothing but good vibes and encouragement!!!! If a little turtle like me got in I'm sure you can too!!!
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    Falstaff got a reaction from andnowmywatchbegins in What is your application status in the current cycle?   
    That's why we're here....
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    Falstaff reacted to chemicologist in What is your application status in the current cycle?   
    My sense is that since accepted applicants had until April 5th to hold their spot with a paid deposit, presumably close to 120 people have done that by now. The 43 number I provided comes from the number of people enrolled in first year classes for this September (as of this morning on dalonline).
    To me, that would seem to imply that 43 people are absolutely committed to attending Dal this fall, and the remaining 77 may be holding out for another school. Of course, this may be reading way too far into it as there could easily be many of those 77 who are in fact committed to attending who simply haven't registered for their classes yet.
    Sorry for the over-analysis.
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    Falstaff got a reaction from existentialcrisis in NB Waitlist Scores   
    They don't publish this information. The 7 people who responded to this poll might be the closest indicator you are going to get.
    2 people with scores in the 69 - 69.9 range (coinciding with the poll results) have posted that they have received an offer off the wait list.
    The next potential movement of the list will probably be in May when the other schools start making their offers.
    Good luck.
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    Falstaff reacted to sunny_sideup in NB Waitlist Scores   
    I have a score of 67.7 so if I get an offer I promise I’ll post on here right away! I think there have been three offers off the waitlist so far :) 
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    Falstaff reacted to soso12 in Accepted/Rejected/Deferred/Waitlisted for Current Applicants   
    Accepted IP (off the waitlist)
    GPA: 3.9 
    MCAT: 509
    ECs: diverse, but almost no research experience.
    Interview: felt really good about the interview. I had loads of fun and just tried to be myself and answer the questions as well as I could.
    I have an undergrad in chemistry and my grades weren’t too great, gpa of 3.5 but didn’t meet the course load requirements because I took 5 years to complete my degree and took summer courses. It wasn’t until my last year in chemistry that I realized I definitely wanted to be a doctor. So, I started a second degree (did not want a masters) and I worked as hard as I could! I took my mcat and thankfully my score was good, I don’t think I could’ve written that test a second time. This is my first time applying to dal but I had an interview at mun last year and then no interview this year. This whole process can be so discouraging and difficult but whoever is questioning or doubting their chances, just work hard and stay determines and this will happen! 
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    Falstaff got a reaction from soso12 in NB Waitlist Scores   
    You should update the 'Accepted/Rejected/Deferred/Waitlisted for Current Applicants' thread with your stats for future generations...
    Is this your first attempt?
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    Falstaff reacted to Medhopeful4 in 2019 NB / PEI admission announcement date?   
    Acceptances have been sent out.
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    Falstaff reacted to M2019 in 2019 NB / PEI admission announcement date?   
    To help ease your worries, it’s tomorrow (April 3rd)!
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