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  1. downinggr

    Accepted 2019

    Just a little thought that I felt compelled to share. For those of you that are fortunate enough to live in an area with Daylight Savings Time, just remember that decision letters are 1 hour closer than you may have thought.
  2. downinggr

    Accepted 2019

    Nothing like our neurotic speculation to bring a thread back to life. To be fair there are probably many aspects to making the requirement more lenient. Maybe to prevent OOP taking NB seats, maybe to increase revenue to offset costs of applications or maybe even things I haven't thought about yet. We might just have a little bit too much time on our hands to think about it.
  3. downinggr

    Accepted 2019

    Well we can rest assured that the verdict is less than a month away. On another note, what are your thoughts on the changes Dalhousie has made to their MCAT requirements for next cycle?
  4. downinggr

    Accepted 2019

    I would speculate that this drop was a consequence to the new CASPER requirements introduced last cycle.
  5. Not a sign. Verifiers in the past have let me know they have been contacted but I haven't received an offer.