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  1. That sounds like normal waitlist to me, but we will know when and if someone gets the high waitlist email. This is a positive sign, congrats.
  2. I think I got low waitlist, since the wording of the email is that people in my position have not received offers in previous years. Which I think is almost the same as a rejection.
  3. FYI, that is what I was told when I asked this question by email last year. "look at it from a different angle" was an addition from me. I used 6 experiences in total, 2 of them were used twice. I did land an interview.
  4. Just put all 8, you can use the same experience for more than one entry; look at it from a different angle.
  5. Yeah that makes sense. I can believe that, that would be true. In the case where a candidate really does stand out from the field despite a somewhat weak GPA, it would be possible to capture that through the essay and interview processes. No need to try to normalize the GPA.
  6. It may be somewhat difficult, but they have reams of data, so some kind of normalization should be possible. I would argue that without it, it would be meaningless to compare peoples GPAs directly. I feel like a lot of thought and effort goes into this whole admissions thing, it seems unlikely that this point would be glossed over, but maybe I am just being naive.
  7. Do you have any coworkers that could verify for you? If you are talking about verifiers for the OMSAS ABS, that should do.
  8. Yeah you might run out of weeks during your MD, but extensions are granted routinely in that circumstance if you want to do a PhD (that's what I gathered from the thread).
  9. This happened to me, after the first year of the second degree... I was really lucky that I was able to get a line of credit and some financial help from family.
  10. The MCAT is standardized test so it makes sense that they might choose to score it competitively. GPA is not standardized, scoring it competitively is hard to justify.
  11. It seems reasonable to assume that those bonus points would help your chances to be admitted. Yeah it does seem like there is a contradiction, good catch. I'm really interested to see what the correction will be.
  12. How many interviews does each panel conduct? Unfortunately I don't think they are involved in enough interviews for normalization to be statistically justified. What do people think?
  13. I don't think you can write the MCAT too late, the latest dates are in mid September and even the score for those would come out before the end of October deadline which they need to be submitted to OMSAS by.
  14. I think they would keep sending emails to the address that you provided in your application, and that is what their message made it sound like. Do you have access to student centre? There is a link and the far bottom right "western email" that I can use to access my @uwo email.