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  1. In the email they mention at a headset and mic are required "to have the most successful interview experience". I don't own one and I don't want to purchase one now. I've always been able to use the built in speaker and mic on my computer just fine. Do you guys think that will be OK?
  2. Could there have been a last minute cancelation? Hard to imagine they are aiming for that kind of short notice.
  3. It might just mean that MCAT and the other aspects of the application will be emphasized more. Grades were never really comparable anyway. That's not to say that MCAT or any of the other methods that medical schools use in their criteria are perfect. I'm just saying that if grades were to be de-emphasized, it wouldn't be a big loss.
  4. Hi,

    It's really kind of you to offer to help those of us who's interview format has been changed unexpectedly. I have an online panel interview coming up for Western Medicine. I'd love it if you could spare an hour for me. With these covid-19 social distancing measures, my schedule is really open so anytime would be fine. Thanks again for extending the offer!

  5. Given that half of the cohort has already been through the interview, I think Western is taking the right approach by not canceling the interview outright. But yeah, there is a good reason that community spread of the COVID-19 virus (SARS-CoV-2) is expected in London. I would expect that at some point during an outbreak the system here will be pushed near the limit and if that happens before the interview weekend, I feel like interviews will for sure be cancelled for the reason that you mentioned. I don't want to make any predictions about the likelihood of that happening, but you can find some more information here: https://www.thelancet.com/journals/laninf/article/PIIS1473-3099(20)30144-4/fulltext
  6. Focus on essays could be a viable idea. OMSAS abs however has never been a part of the evaluation for Western, I don't think they would or should all of a sudden include it now.
  7. Not sure, but they will very likely do statistics and make some sort of adjustment if the distribution of interview scores is significantly different between the weekends. Yeah another possibility is taking half the class from each weekend.
  8. Who else is entertaining the idea of suiting up from the waist up only ? :p
  9. It's not clear to me that a virtual interview would be a disadvantage. In any case there is more than one thing to consider here. If schools really think that it's necessary to limit the exposure of front line workers who will be needed in the coming weeks if we are going to limit fatalities as much as possible, you better believe that that's what will happen.
  10. I don't think these are mutually exclusive. You can apply as an access student and if you also have a high school transcript to back it up you will be a swomen candidate. I can't tell you how falling into either of the categories or both of the categories will affect your application. I don't want to make guesses.
  11. Yeah that makes sense. With the inter-interviewer ratings it's not hard to believe that there would be some utility to doing the statistical analysis. There isn't ever going to be a perfect way to do this without being able to look into the future. It's nice to see that ad coms are taking this step.
  12. The panel won't even know that you completed undergrad in the US unless you tell them.
  13. How is this possible? Im having trouble believing that each panel interviews enough candidates to gather meaningful statistics. For example, If each panel were only interviewing 5 candidates, i feel like the scores that they give would have to be very low or very high to achieve a statistically significant difference.
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