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  1. It would be a shame if making an inquiry like that was somehow counted against you. But if a more senior person advised against it, they may have a good reason. I hope your GPA was calculated properly, good luck!
  2. Yeah it definitely might, I didn't mean to suggest that your question is invalid. I edited my post to explain my line of questioning better.
  3. I would venture to guess that all it would take is an email message and they would be happy to left you know the GPA that they have calculated for you. Why do you think it will make any difference to your post interview chances? I guess it might. The reason that I question it is that if it is really true that GPA/MCAT were used purely as a cutoff with the aABS being used to determine interviews after that. Than it would be inconsistent to bring GPA and MCAT back into the picture after interviews.
  4. Zuk


    Agreed, it would be a lot easier to believe that the aim is to level the playing field when there is no fee involved. I agree that there is nothing inherently wrong with providing services in exchange for compensation. Also it sounds to me like you are have considered the ethics of your business. Based on what I saw written in the original post, it sounded shady to me. The language seemed designed to draw people in with a claim about having insights into the application criteria at UBC specifically, that the poster has been able glean from their own experiences and the experiences of others; All of whom have been afforded privileged access to that information for the expressed purpose of being evaluated as a candidate. Just because someone doesn't divulge specific questions that they were asked at an interview, does not mean that they should not consider wether their actions violate the spirit of the confidentially agreement that they have signed. So I thought it would be a good idea to ask about it, incase the original poster really hadn't thought this through all the way. I guess I also wanted to start a discussion, otherwise I could have sent it in a PM. Edit: It turns out that I should have sent a private message and maybe started a discussion later on. As it happens my well intentioned comments lead to someone being targeted by threats. I'm really disappointed. Lesson learned.
  5. Zuk


    The original poster has edited their post since my comment. In the post they suggested that having been through the process recently and having talked to many of their fellow classmates they have been able to surmise what UBC is looking for. They are offering to pass on this insider information to others and they stand to gain financially from it. That concerns me.
  6. Zuk


    Have you thought about the ethical implications of what you are proposing here?
  7. There has been a lot of focus on fairness to medical school candidates. I think that fairness to candidates is only one of the aspects that a medical school admissions committee has to consider and that it isn't the most important one. Any meaningful discussion on this topic should also consider fairness to the public and place that first and foremost. Good luck to all who are interviewing!
  8. You would never mention any of the principals without explaining what they mean in general and in the example at hand. So and interviewer not understanding shouldn't be a problem. Isn't this how they are going to teach us to approach ethical problems in medical school? I guess it is just difficult for me to understand why someone would regard it as unnatural. But it seems like that is the way some people feel about it.
  9. This makes sense to me. Thank you.
  10. Thanks for the advice! I will definitely integrate them into my response. I never would have guessed that mentioning them explicitly also would be regarded negatively, since that is the way that people think about them.
  11. Would running through them in your head after hearing each ethics question and then starting off you answer by saying that "The ethical principals involved hear are...", be natural enough? It's good that we have spent time studying and thinking medical ethics right?
  12. That sounds like a waitlist to me (They just don't tell anyone their rank). I bet people have waited till day before their interview to decline in the past
  13. If enough people decline the interview, there needs to be a way to decide who gets the spots right? I feel like there has to be an interview waitlist.