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  1. Yeah you might run out of weeks during your MD, but extensions are granted routinely in that circumstance if you want to do a PhD (that's what I gathered from the thread).
  2. This happened to me, after the first year of the second degree... I was really lucky that I was able to get a line of credit and some financial help from family.
  3. The MCAT is standardized test so it makes sense that they might choose to score it competitively. GPA is not standardized, scoring it competitively is hard to justify.
  4. It seems reasonable to assume that those bonus points would help your chances to be admitted. Yeah it does seem like there is a contradiction, good catch. I'm really interested to see what the correction will be.
  5. How many interviews does each panel conduct? Unfortunately I don't think they are involved in enough interviews for normalization to be statistically justified. What do people think?
  6. I don't think you can write the MCAT too late, the latest dates are in mid September and even the score for those would come out before the end of October deadline which they need to be submitted to OMSAS by.
  7. I think they would keep sending emails to the address that you provided in your application, and that is what their message made it sound like. Do you have access to student centre? There is a link and the far bottom right "western email" that I can use to access my @uwo email.
  8. Zuk

    BHSc vs BMSc

    While any program of study is accepted by medical schools, some programs will prepare you more than others and that is an important consideration. BHsc and BMsc are both good choices and there is a lot of variation in the modules within those programs, so there is a lot of opportunity to balance both considerations (there will be things you are both interested in and that will prepare you for your chosen career).
  9. I think the main advice here is just that if you can work well in small groups you should include ample evidence in your application that you can work well in small groups. Probably whoever you talked to should have emphasized that rather than that confusing thing about introverts. Being introverted and working well in small groups are not mutually exclusive.
  10. It would be a shame if making an inquiry like that was somehow counted against you. But if a more senior person advised against it, they may have a good reason. I hope your GPA was calculated properly, good luck!
  11. Yeah it definitely might, I didn't mean to suggest that your question is invalid. I edited my post to explain my line of questioning better.
  12. I would venture to guess that all it would take is an email message and they would be happy to left you know the GPA that they have calculated for you. Why do you think it will make any difference to your post interview chances? I guess it might. The reason that I question it is that if it is really true that GPA/MCAT were used purely as a cutoff with the aABS being used to determine interviews after that. Than it would be inconsistent to bring GPA and MCAT back into the picture after interviews.
  13. Zuk


    Agreed, it would be a lot easier to believe that the aim is to level the playing field when there is no fee involved. I agree that there is nothing inherently wrong with providing services in exchange for compensation. Also it sounds to me like you are have considered the ethics of your business. Based on what I saw written in the original post, it sounded shady to me. The language seemed designed to draw people in with a claim about having insights into the application criteria at UBC specifically, that the poster has been able glean from their own experiences and the experiences of others; All of whom have been afforded privileged access to that information for the expressed purpose of being evaluated as a candidate. Just because someone doesn't divulge specific questions that they were asked at an interview, does not mean that they should not consider wether their actions violate the spirit of the confidentially agreement that they have signed. So I thought it would be a good idea to ask about it, incase the original poster really hadn't thought this through all the way. I guess I also wanted to start a discussion, otherwise I could have sent it in a PM. Edit: It turns out that I should have sent a private message and maybe started a discussion later on. As it happens my well intentioned comments lead to someone being targeted by threats. I'm really disappointed. Lesson learned.
  14. Zuk


    The original poster has edited their post since my comment. In the post they suggested that having been through the process recently and having talked to many of their fellow classmates they have been able to surmise what UBC is looking for. They are offering to pass on this insider information to others and they stand to gain financially from it. That concerns me.