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  1. This is also pure hearsay so take it with a huge grain of salt, but I heard there are also cases where certain fields need doctors yet not enough people want to do them (e.g. geriatrics) and then there are like 9827319 people fighting for 5 plastic surgery/derm/optho residencies among them. While most will settle for something different when they don't match into a hyper-competitive residency, some would rather go unmatched than match into something they don't like.
  2. Hello fellow (soon to be) uoft grad! 1. is probably for job prospect. It's easier to find a job (related to your field) with bach nursing than psych. 2. I doubt that will be an issue but when in doubt always ask med admissions. 3. Didn't go to York, no idea
  3. Aha thank you!! Will keep an eye out for IM interest group emails
  4. If you're getting credits for these courses then you'll be fine for both schools. I also took a research course in undergrad.
  5. I agree with the other comment - continue volunteering at your hospital until you have at least 100 hours but definitely focus on your GPA and MCAT first. You really don't want to do this a third time.
  6. If your EC's are good and get someone good to edit your app + get the competitive GPA in 2nd bachelors + competitive MCAT, you have a solid chance IMO. The hardest part is overcoming that "if" and you need to always prepare a backup option if you do a second bachelors and still don't get in.
  7. I anticipated it because I have, to this day, struggled with low self-esteem. I wish I could be confident and even arrogant/egoistical like some of my peers, but that simply doesn't work - Not just me, many people in my class as well. In medical school they talk about a condition called Impostor Syndrome which is similar to what you mentioned - it stays with many people even into their medical practice.
  8. I'd rewrite MCAT to raise my CARS. It's easier to get a high CARS than GPA in your case. Doing so can open the doors to Mac and possibly Western (if you have two years > 3.7). If I were you I wouldn't apply this year.
  9. It's really up to you whether you want to try a 5th year of applying if you don't make it this year. It is a tough call as studying for the MCAT is a lot of work when you are rusty on the material. However, nobody can make that decision for you.
  10. Tons of doctor kids in my class. Be truthful - it's nothing worth hiding that you're the child of a doctor.
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