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  1. Agreed. Perhaps you can take your own advice as well since you condemned half the community with some of the rude comments you made in previous pages. Unlike some of the comments you made towards me and other users, I don't like your opinions, but I will defend your right to say them. Are we going to get a mod in here? This thread is getting out of hand.
  2. A kind reminder that class reps can only relay the messages - so far we have relayed every piece of feedback and followed up with the student indivudally. Being a class rep does not give us the power to directly change the curriculum I'm glad you talked to some of us though - please do not hesitate and reach out whenever you like!
  3. Lol a bit derailment but I wasn't referring to politics alone. Literally any time any premed asks anything in any post I would see you saying things like there's no point, why bother applying, your stats suck, waste of time, "is op a troll lmao" and the negativity just kind of stood out without needing any stalking it's a free forum you're free to say what you want I guess. This is going to be my last reply on this matter bc op did not ask for this. Get your last reply in because you clearly need it.
  4. How is that sad? Is OP not allowed to want those things? Just because they didn't write a long paragraph about their calling/empathy does not mean they don't have these things - they're already a PA. Genuine question. Why is it that every time I see you posting anywhere, you never have anything constructive to say? It's always labeling, finger-pointing, and "sad"? That's a lot of bitterness and hatred (under some other topics).
  5. Time to convince my whole class to intentionally bomb the midterm...
  6. I think your parents are very right, lol You're already doing great financially and med school would suck out a lot of your time, money, and life especially when you're contemplating it only for the salary and prestige of being called "Dr." (not intended as a negative comment; but simply not worth imo to spend so much on tuition and another 6 years unless you have some sort of internal motivation)
  7. If you don't feel comfortable that's okay too! Here's my take on the situation: - You're not alone in this - many people have approached me and felt overwhelmed by coursework. Your feelings and concerns are 101% valid and the transition from undergrad --> med is a huge one, regardless of old vs. new curriculum. - One thing to be cautious when comparing alone-studying time with 2nd years is that 2nd years have more lecture hours because they don't get Tuesdays off (and I heard it's a 9-5 for them). Therefore, if they say they go home and study 3 hours after 8 hours of lecture, that is the same as you going to 4 hours of lecture and then studying 7 hours at home. In the end the material is the same, only our year has more self-study content in the form of IL's whereas people from the traditional curriculum would have learned this by sitting in lecture halls. - I think the 6 hours on IL's per week really got a lot of people's hopes up and I'm not going to sugarcoat that. However, I want to ask you, do you think a med student should realistically only expect to spend 6 hours per week to study outside of class (in a curriculum where lectures are minimal)? I feel many people don't even have that luxury in undergrad. - Lastly, SAME on the lack of time to review lol - I think it's again a transition of study strategies: since 70% is a pass, we have to prioritize the main idea of each lecture; we can't afford to memorize everything like in undergrad. For example, I think knowing how neuromuscular junctions operate (from action potential --> muscle contraction --> relaxation) is much more important than memorizing what all the minerals do in the nutrition IL, although the latter will take much longer, it is simply low-yield information that I wouldn't worry about unless I have extra time (in my dreams). Similarly, knowing how different modes of inheritance work is much more important than memorizing all the nitty-gritty details from that monster embryology IL (cue the Joker meme that guy posted last night...). I hope this helps.
  8. I used TPR and so did many of my friends who did well on the MCAT. I would recommend TPR and supplement it with Khan Academy if you want more explanation on some subjects. Best of luck
  9. Don't quote me on this but I faintly remember reading they will read the supplementary application and use that as a replacement for ABS on OMSAS. So I would write it like they have no access to ABS.
  10. Hey, I don't know who you are but you are in my class. I am the course rep that posted in the 2023 FB group last night. If you haven't already - add me on FB, I'll be more than happy to listen & talk
  11. Don't quote me on this, but from my memory OMSAS arranges it for you, at least in my cycle (last year).
  12. Your CARS is one point short for Western - otherwise I'd say you have a chance for Western as well.
  13. I wouldn't mention the competitive period at all if you stopped it at age 16 (but mention varsity level) since I believe that's where the chronological cutoff begins. I got my ARCT in piano at age 12 but didn't play it after age 16 due to some personal reasons - and did not mention anything about it in my ABS.
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