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  1. I haven't filled out my transcript info and my status shows up as received. Did it get sorted out?
  2. Hey Nickhabi, I'm actually no expert on NAQs but I have received lots of feedback from people who got into UBC Med. Feel free to DM me, I can let you know the major tips they told me.
  3. Selling UWorld Question bank and 6 NS Full Lengths. UWorld is valid till September 29th.
  4. I can help you out but I'm quite busy so I wouldn't be able to edit it until next week!
  5. Depends on the school. For example, Ottawa looks at last 3 years so it would be nursing 2 years + last year of undergraduate. Mac will look at cumulative GPA for potentially all 6 years (after completion of nursing degree). Different schools have different ways they calculate GPA. For the schools that only use last 2 years then they will only look at nursing grades.
  6. Hey, you didn't mention your Ottawa wGPA. I think you could have a chance there. Also, you have a good chance at Mac because of your CARS score. As long as you do well on CASPer you have a good chance to get an interview.
  7. Hey mike0421, I remember seeing my scores late afternoon/early evening. Mine got released around 4/5pm. It could be different everyday.
  8. I heard Ryerson's organic chem is pretty easy. In the fall it's offered Monday night from 6:30 to 9:30 and there is no lab component. I am planning to take my organic credit there.
  9. Hey, Has anyone taken organic chemistry at Ryerson (CKCH 142)? Can anyone comment on the difficulty of it? I need to take organic chemistry to apply to the University of Ottawa. Thanks in advance.
  10. Anyone at U of T looking for a roommate? My friend and I are both starting our first year of PT at the University of Toronto and are looking for a roommate to join us. Message me if you're interested.
  11. I've come to learn that Ottawa Medicine now requires Organic Chemistry. Is anyone aware if you need to take Organic Chemistry with labs? Or would it suffice to take Organic Chemistry at Athabasca University (Organic Chem 350)?
  12. I agree with a lot of what Rehab4Life said. Both programs are good programs and both will prepare you adequately to be a PT. I think it really comes down to which community you'd prefer to be in and what you're looking for. Are you looking to challenge yourself and trying living in another city such as Kingston? Or are you set on staying in Toronto for the rest of your life? I've personally accepted U of T physiotherapy because I come from a smaller-ish town and I want to try something new. Another thing to look at is the curriculum. Which one of those schools will suit your learning style the best? In the end, how much you gain from each program will be how much you put into it. If you look at it that way then you definitely can't go wrong with either school!
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