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  1. No offense, but sometimes you gotta chose different options. Think about why you are so deadset on medicine? Good luck to you, your ECs and grades look pretty good to me. Its sometimes just the luck factor.
  2. The returns just dont seem to be there, just trying to be honest. I think its time to start looking towards a few different fields/options now. You got a good gpa last cycle, so lets see how you do this cycle, if things dont work out then try something else.
  3. Probably not the best option to become a medical student, they are quite few people that take the engineering route. I would say, if you want to take Engineering degree, then you should want to be an engineer.
  4. I wonder what all of your opinions would be on the tech industry? This forum seems to have a thing for women. The same things can be said for men, there are a lot of men that take advanced courses in the tech industry and work really hard, why should there be seats specfically for women in these fields? And not for men when it comes to med school? Men IMO, are also more inclined towards tech because "FACTS DONT CARE ABOUT YOUR FEELINGS" kind of attitude of tech, the computer doesnt care about you, or show any emotions, many women would not be able to endure this, by the same logic. Why are people loosing sleep over women in tech then? There are studies out there that also show, that on general, men are better suited for the tech field and workplace than women. True equality is when the same rules are applied everywhere.
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