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  1. Hi all Was hoping to create a thread to meet some people who will be joining the McGill QY PT program!
  2. Thank you! The letters came out last week and yes I have accepted! People have till May 1st to respond for PT (and apparently till today for OT)
  3. I have gotten a nomination. Best of luck to you guys!
  4. scaphoid13

    UBC PT 2019

    Ahh thats too bad. I heard that UBC OT heard like a week after their interviews so was hoping for something similar. Thanks for letting me know
  5. scaphoid13

    UBC PT 2019

    Does anyone know when they heard last year?
  6. Does anyone know when we are expected to hear anything? Thanks
  7. scaphoid13

    UBC PT 2019

    Yeah that would be great. Do you want to make one and post the link here?
  8. scaphoid13

    UBC PT 2019

    I'm guessing its based on last name initial - just a guess since I'm a few hours earlier than you guys and my last name is fairly early on in the alphabet
  9. scaphoid13

    UBC PT 2019

    Same & congrats to everyone who got an interview! - for those who are studying @ UBC/Vancouver area hmu to practice those MMI questions ☺️