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  1. oh man !!! How was she able to deliver her interview with 5 days of prep?
  2. LastStar

    Interview Invites/Regrets 2019

    (commented twice, dont knw how to delete -sry)
  3. LastStar

    Interview Invites/Regrets 2019

    can I ask why you chose to pursue a 2nd degree?
  4. LastStar

    Opinions on GPA competitiveness

    what were your stats? And did you just recently get interviews?
  5. LastStar

    Options after graduating?

    when did you start building your EC's? I'm prolly in worst position - no clubs, or research - 3rd yr ahhh
  6. LastStar

    retaking a 515

    did u get in to any school/ interview?
  7. LastStar

    retaking a 515

    where are you trying to go? 2-yr gpa schools or like UofT?
  8. have u heard back from any school yet?
  9. LastStar

    Should I write an academic explanations essay?

    i think you should post this question again, more answers would help in determining best choice. Plus, I've heard, writing the essay doesn't cause any harm.
  10. could you comment what helped them succeed? Were they waitlisted in process etc
  11. congrats and all the very best is this the only interview so far?
  12. Did you apply to UofT or Mac? your cGPA n Mcat are really good