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  1. OP - First of all, do not feel that you are alone. Many physicians are dissatisfied with their clinical careers and are looking for non-clinical opportunities. Including myself, an attending recently out of training. Rest assured that there are many non-clinical and non-medicine opportunities out there, but most will require an MD degree and almost always residency and board certification in a specialty (including FM). When I interviewed for non-clinical, corporate positions, it was my clinical background that got me the interviews. Plus it's a safe fallback if corporate career doesn't pan out. My advice: keep an open mind and try to find a specialty that you are interested in. Look into pathology, radiology, public health, etc. If by carms season there's nothing you like, do FM or IM for a general medical background because that's important for non-clinical careers. Also, look into learning 3rd and 4th and 5th languages - a big bonus if you ever decide to go global.
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